YouTube Videos: How To TRIPLE Your Views Without Spending A Dime!

YouTube videos can make you money, or so you've heard. But don't you have to have lots of viewers for that? Here's how to increase your Youtube views now!

YouTube videos are a great way to make money online – or so you’ve heard. You learned how to start a blog, chose a good web hosting and set yourself up a YouTube channel. You’ve uploaded your movie but nobody knows it’s there! Or maybe, you’ve got a small following, just not as many as you want. Here’s how you can significantly increase traffic to your channel page!

Here are five proven ways of getting more YouTube views:

Old Fashioned Networking

Start on the beaten path and follow the old school networking tactics. Look at other movies on YouTube. Post comments. “Like” their clips. Rate them. Get involved in the community aspect of it. People will want to know who you are and return the favor.

Joint Ventures

Another thing – do Joint Ventures. Think of YouTube as a giant JV machine for you to find other people in your niche who already have access to a large list of followers and subscribers and find ways to do business with them. One of the best ways to build a relationship with them is to ask them for an interview. Let them share their tips and insights on the industry and upload the clip to your channel.

This is a win-win situation because they can also get exposure from your efforts. So start the partnership with what you can give and then go with what you can get from JVs. Collaborating on YouTube is extremely efficient. If you joint venture with somebody, then all their viewers and your viewers will watch the same movie, which may bring you all these new viewers.

Creating Discussions

You can also create discussions. This will put you into the most discussed list. Or, even better, create video responses. Responses are very important. It’s almost like taking discussions or comments to a whole new level because you’ve inspired someone or they really had something to say to you.

So, you can get more views from a response by having that person’s viewers coming over to your channel page and see what you’re saying.

Have A Great, Attention Getting SEO Title

A clip titled “HR 4212″ isn’t going to get as many views as a clip titled “Obama Care” or “Congress Is Trying To Steal Your First Amendment Rights” will. You need the right title to attract attention and catch viewer’s eyes. Pick a good one, but remember your SEO skills and optimize it for the most highly searched keywords in your niche.

Make sure you add the right kind of keywords in your title. Think about the kind of words that people will be searching for when they look for your kind of movie on YouTube or on Google. Ask yourself, what would you be searching for when you search for your movie? Choose something like “How To” and then the topic of your movie, how to do something, how to learn something – those are really good keywords.

Be Timely And Consistent

Many of the hottest “viral” videos on YouTube are timely, topical parodies on whatever is hottest in pop culture at the time. If you’re fast and timely you can strike lightening! Otherwise, you’ll need to be consistent (and relevant). Regularly put out good quality content that solves the issues of viewers in your niche and you’ll build a strong following.

If you post clips at least once a week then you’ll be ok. The reasons you need to be consistent is because when you’re posting clips, people will come back and watch because they know that you’re active on YouTube and would want more of that. And maybe they’ll even subscribe to you, which is a good thing.

However, don’t go overboard. In other words, don’t post more than 2 clips a day. It’s called spamming and it can become annoying because when someone subscribes to you, your movies appear on the pop-up little bar that shows them who they subscribed to.

That bar has only 4 spaces, so if you upload two movies, you fill in 2 spaces and you end up kicking out the 2 other people that they subscribed to. This will turn people off and make them unsubscribe and never watch you again.

Tag It!

Having the right keywords, or “tags” on your clip is HUGE. If you have a puppy movie and you want other puppy lovers to find it, how will they if you don’t tag it? They won’t. Puppies, pets, dogs, pet food, are just a few sample tags.

The more relevant tags you can have on your clip, the easier it is for people to find. And make sure to put those same tags in your title where appropriate. For example: “Puppy Training – 5 Tips To Tame Your Wild Puppy.”

Make sure your tags are also optimized. These are the keywords you need to enter in the Tags area when you upload your clip. Make sure they’re optimized with the keywords that people are searching on YouTube or Google.

The easiest way to find the keywords that best describe your clip is to go to the search box on YouTube and type one word that relates to your niche. The screen will actually come up with a whole list of different suggestions for keywords.

This is especially good because these suggested keywords are already searched by a lot of people; they are already getting traffic, so this is really a good idea.

Create A Great Description

You took the time to create, shoot, edit and upload the clip. You’ve got a great tag, but a description will really sell the movie. You wouldn’t rent a movie at the store without reading the description on the back right? Exactly.

First, make sure you have your website address on the first line of your description area. Not just the web address, but you also need to make sure it starts with https:// and then the web address. It basically turns your URL into a clickable link so that when people click on it, it takes them straight to your website.

Make sure your description area is optimized as well. Include keywords that are relevant to your content. Also, write your description almost like a blog post. This is especially good because Google and YouTube will look at the different keywords you put in there to find out whether your clip is relevant or not.

These five tips are actually quite straight forward and easy to do.  Once you start implementing them, you will see a HUGE increase in your YouTube views!



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