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With the coming of the digital age, writing an online content has never been so convenient and made more efficient. Whether you are a blogger or a  newbie writer who is starting to have a career in this field or an established writer who wants to gain more followers online, using tools and apps would definitely help a lot for you to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the best tools and apps that all writers and bloggers should know about:


This is a very useful application that gives you feedback with your writing. What Writefull does is that it checks your text to see if you are using the correct language. This is a powerful tool that is very easy to use. All you have to do is to select the text you want to check and click the short-key. Once the Writefull popover is activated, you can simply select among the different options being suggested.

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Hemingway App

For writers and bloggers, being able to write clear and creative content is definitely important. Among the best apps created for this purpose is the Hemingway App. This application detects the complex sentences and the usual errors to make it easier for you to make the necessary changes. The errors are highlighted in yellow while complicated and unnecessary sentences are highlighted in red. For texts that are highlighted in purple, you can use a shorter word. For those phrases highlighted in green, it shows passive voice. With this app, you can easily edit certain parts to create a concise, creative and clear text that your readers can appreciate and understand.

Ulysses App

Even if you are on the go, you can still write any content using the Ulysses App created for iPad. With this app, you can keep and save all of the texts you have written in a library. With just a few taps, you can create iBooks and PDFs. Ulysses App has an easy to use interface which makes it more convenient for you to write amazing stories.

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As a writer, you will have to use social media to share your content online and to draw more readers. If you have a Twitter account and you want to create a new and creative tweet that you want to share to your followers, you can use WriteRack. This is a tool that is straightforward since you can just copy and paste anything to tweetstorm. What this tool does is that it automatically formats the text into different tweets and posts them one by one. After the first 130 characters are consumed, the tool creates new tweets. Plus, WriteRack is offered for free.


Creating a novel takes a lot of hard work, time, patience and effort on your part. But thanks to tools like Blankpage.io, writing can now be made simple. Blankpage.io enables writers to finish their novel online. Whenever you want or wherever you are, you can just allot a few minutes of your time to write your novel and eventually finish it. With this tool, you can create an outline and start writing everyday with ease.


Managing multiple blogs is now easier with the use of GetBlogo. This platform makes blogging fast and easy since you can write and publish your work with convenience. Apart from that, you can also manage various blogs as you want. In one dashboard, you can manage multiple blogs. GetBlogo also allows you to edit your photos without having the need for Photoshop. What separates this app from others blogging tools is that even if you are offline, you can use its features.


Even writers and bloggers would rely on professional writing services as there are cases where you need to ask for help especially if there is a huge volume of content that you need to deliver. A-writer.com is a highly reputable writing firm that offers a broad range of writing services at affordable prices. From blog writing to other online content, you can rely on their expertise.


When handling ePub files, sometimes it can be really complicated to export or handle data. For writers who want to create their own ebook, it is important to have a tool that allows you to write and publish for free. One of the best tools is Liber.io. With this tool, you can create and design your own ebooks for free. With just one click, you can start publishing your ebook. This tool is perfect for teachers, writers, bloggers and for those who want to create ebooks and other materials with efficiency and convenience.


To produce quality content, you have to concentrate on your writing. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. With so many things that can distract you, it is just too difficult to focus on your writing. With the use of Zenpen.io, you can block all of the things that distract you and to just focus on your writing. It is a minimalist writing zone to help you finish your writing tasks with accuracy.


Before you publish any work, it is important that you have another person or people to look at your writing. Receiving feedback helps you become a better writer. Draftin.com is a tool that you can use to have more quality content without the need for any writing software.

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