What Exactly is a Blogger Anyway?

Start A Blog

In the old days, books, magazines, and newspapers offered the only opportunities to publish your ideas – this was after the old, old days when you needed a hammer, a chisel, and a stone tablet. When blogs debuted on the Internet, however, they offered a new media outlet that fell under each individual author’s control. Collectively, those authors are called bloggers.

Your Voice, Your Blog

Bloggers share what they know with the rest of the world.

A blogger publishes articles (called posts) on topics of his or her choice. Physicians, for example, often start blogs that offer insight into medical conditions or treatments, while lawyers might blog about legal issues or cases. A blogger needn’t boast a professional degree or certificate; many bloggers post about their passions, hobbies, or personal experiences.

When you start a blog, you exercise full control over its content. You might educate your audience through informational articles or inspire them with examples of your creative work or editorial essays on your beliefs or ideas. The term “blogger” encompasses a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

A Niche of Your Own

Most bloggers choose a subject – called a niche – for their blogs. A craft blogger, for example, might post craft tutorials and photos of completed projects. The built-in audience for this type of blog consists of readers who want to learn how to craft or those who seek inspiration for their own projects.

Your niche defines the content you post on your blog. While you might stray from the core message or purpose of your blog every once in a while, you stick to your niche most of the time to suit your target audience.

Have Computer, Will Blog

The aforementioned stone tablet won’t launch your blogging career, but you probably don’t have one of those anyway. The recipe for a successful blog requires just a few ingredients: a computer (or other Web-enabled device), an Internet connection, and a place to host your blog.

If you’ve never run a blog or website before, the finer details of setting one up and maintaining it might seem overwhelming. BlogPress offers a simple solution for newcomers to the blogosphere. A full-service blog host manages the minutiae of website maintenance and allows bloggers to focus on producing engaging content.

The Fruits of Your Labor

Bloggers produce a virtual product: the blog itself. Every time you click the “Publish” button, your audience reads your words, views your photographs, watches your videos, and otherwise consumes your content. The benefits of blogging include the opportunity to build an audience composed of people who enjoy what you post.

Some bloggers also generate income from their efforts. A single article posted to a blog can net anywhere “from $5 to 100” when monetized strategically, according to Hikari Matsuo of Syracuse University.

Bloggers use display advertising, affiliate links, and a host of other monetization tools. If you partner with a dedicated blog host, you’ll enjoy the benefit of the company’s wisdom and experience to help you reach your financial goals.

It’s Not All About Social Media

Use social media to your advantage, but your blog represents a more powerful tool.

Successful bloggers often leverage social media to build their brands and attract new audiences, but blogging stands apart from platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Social media posts appear in a feed, then fade into obscurity, while blog posts find traction in search engine results and remain discoverable indefinitely.

In fact, search engine traffic to blogs outweighs social media traffic at a ratio of 2:1, according to Fenella Saunders of American Scientist. And blogs belong to the author and therefore remain under his or her control.

Becoming a Blogger

Don’t be afraid to say it out loud: “I am a blogger.”

To become a blogger, simply start a blog – no certifications, initiations, or secret handshakes required. Once you launch a blog of your own, fill it with meaningful, interesting, and informative content to attract an audience and build your personal brand. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for a free trial with BlogPress.

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