The Best Way To Make Money From Your Blog

You CAN make money online with your blog! If you aren’t already doing it, then you’re missing out extra revenue that could be going straight into your pocket!

Make money online with your blog! If you aren’t already doing it, then you’re missing out on a lot of extra revenue that could be going straight into your pocket. There are different ways and different levels in which you can make money with your website, but no matter whether you are a beginner, a novice or an expert blogger, we have the tips that you need so you can start making some extra cash now.

For The Beginner Blogger

You beginner bloggers know who you are. Your site has little to no traffic, you have little to no design and SEO skills, and you may very well have very little internet experience too. If you are frustrated over not being able to make a dime off of it, you can definitely start implementing some of these tactics to make some cash.

One of the best ways to sashay into the “make money through blogging” business is to start a pay per click, (PPC) advertising program. This type of program will place ads throughout your site and you will receive payment when ever a visitor clicks on those ads. It’s easy, requires almost zero effort, and there are a lot of companies you can use to do this. Try out Google AdSense, Adbrite or Bidvertiser.

Cost Per Thousand, or CPM, is another advertising system that is impression based. When an advertiser places an ad on your blog, you are paid out based on how many times that advertisement shows up. This method is great for low and high traffic sites alike. Try out Value Click or Tribal Fusion.

In-Text Ads are another great way to make cash and are extremely common. These are the types of ads that are within the text of a blog but have a link in the text with a double line below them. One thing to keep in mind with this method of making cash, however, is that these types of advertisements can be pretty irritating, so use them sparingly. Give Kontera or Vibrant Media a try if you are interested in making some extra cash this way.

If you have any domains that you are going to be using sometime in the future but are not yet building upon, you can have a parked domain. A parked domain can be used for advertising and redirecting traffic to your other blogs. Try using Google Parked or Parked if you have the ability to use this method.

For The Intermediate Blogger

Intermediate bloggers tend to have a lot more traffic than a beginner, which means that you can make even more money not only with the methods above, but you can start to implement other methods to make money as well. One of the best ways to boost your income beyond the beginner blogger level is to use direct banner ads. This type of advertising will take a bit more work than your pay per click and CPM ads, but if you do it correctly, you will be seeing a lot more money rolling in. A lot of direct banner advertising companies will also offer affiliate incomes, such as OIOPublisher.

You can also try having premium content on your blog. You can offer a lot of great free content related to your topic of interest, but in order for followers to get the content that is crème de la crème, they will need to pay a monthly fee. If you make the fee reasonable and affordable, you’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to pay for your content.

TIP: You can easily create premium content in WordPress. After you create a post or a page, all you have to do is go to the publish toolbox and click on “edit” under the “Visibility” option. Choose “Password Protected” and set your password. Publish it, and voila! You’re set. Just make sure that you create a lead page that explains the premium content and offers a way for people to pay (such as through PayPal).

Sponsored reviews and posts are another good way to go. Sponsored reviews are usually requested by the owner of the product you would be reviewing, or through a review site such as Sponsored Reviews or ReviewMe. Sponsored posts are similar to the reviews as they are posts that you create that are paid for by the product owner or a review company.

For The Expert Blogger

“Problogger” know how to get traffic to their site as well as build their blog. The first thing that an expert blogger should do is create a job board. This is a great option for anyone whose blog has become “the place” for people to go to for a particular area or niche of interest. Once you are that go-to blog, create a job board!

Having an event on your blog is another great way to increase your traffic and your revenue. Contests, featured stories, giveaways and “blogathons” are a great way to bring traffic to your site, and sponsors can pay you for it too. For example, you could publicize and hold a “webinar” on a particular topic and then find a company that is relevant to the topic to sponsor the event.

Another option that a lot of bloggers don’t take advantage of is selling or renting a page on their blog. You can build a great blog that generates great traffic and has a good page rank with search engines. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and start selling internal pages or posts to anyone who may be interested.

The last suggestion that we’ll make for the pro-blogger is to suggest that you publish your very own hardcover book. This may seem a bit extreme for a lot of bloggers out there, but don’t ever rule out the possibility. A lot of bloggers have gone straight from blogging to writing books since they are considered a leading authority on the topic or niche that they have been writing about online.

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