Starting a Blog? Make Sure To Build Your Email List From The Beginning

Creating and updating a blog can be very fulfilling work. Your blog can be exactly what you want it to be, whether it is the focus of your website or a way to drive traffic to a site that’s based on some other purpose. Whatever reason you have for starting a blog, you need to build your email list from the beginning as well.

The key to getting subscribers is to post quality content.

Smart Start

One of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make is not encouraging readers to join a mailing list as early as the first blog post. When you establish a strong database of contacts, you are able to directly promote each blog entry to people who may be interested, and that powerful connection helps you surpass all of the other obstacles that may keep potential fans from developing a relationship with you as a writer and blogger.

Write posts that will delight readers.

Build Your Contact List

In order to successfully reach out directly to your readers, you should place a call to action at the end of your blog posts that lets people know about the benefits of your email list. Phrase this section carefully because you want to entirely focus on how being a part of your list will benefit the lives of your readers.

In addition to placing the call to action to join your mailing list within your blog posts themselves, you should also have a button or banner on your blog that lets people click to join your mailing list. Make sure to keep the wording on these ads simple and to the point. They should succinctly explain a simple, true benefit that reader will receive from joining your mailing list. Many bloggers make it irresistible by adding such bonuses as a free e-book in exchange for subscribing to their list.

Keep People Interested

It’s not enough to simply get people to subscribe to your mailing list. You need to keep them interested. All readers have to do to get off your mailing list is simply click to unsubscribe, and you may lose that hard-earned subscriber.

In order to keep readers intrigued, make sure to only post high quality blog entries that provide information that’s particularly useful, entertaining, or fun for your target audience. Also, don’t post too often, or people will unsubscribe out of the irritation that comes from receiving too many emails.

Consider Email List Solutions

In order to make the most out of the email list as you build it and develop your contacts, you need a great partner to help you design attractive emails and reach your audience without sounding like spam. MailChimp is a solid solution that helps you create automated messages to all of the people that have subscribed to be on your list at once. It also is vital to helping you create targeted campaigns and announcements.


BlogPress is there for you throughout the process of starting your blog. From setting it up to hosting the site, we provide any help you need along the way. In fact, with the help of BlogPress, you can get your blog up and ready to share today.

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