5 Easy SEO Tactics

SEO is one of the most important characteristics of your website.The ability to show up within the search engines for a specific keyword search is essential.

SEO is one of the most important characteristics of your website. Having the ability to show up within the search engines for a specific keyword search is essential to bringing in traffic that will convert into sales.

Making sure that your search engine optimization is not only up to date, but also effective, can be the difference between hundreds of visitors per month and thousands of visitors per month. You don’t have to be a search engine marketing expert in order to get your blog or website on page one of Google. You can easily do it yourself by following a few simple SEO tactics. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when completing your search engine optimization.

Robot Tags

Robot tags are certainly important when you are developing your website. The Google robots scan your website as much as every 12 hours depending on the niche and how often you update your content. If you are updating your content every day the Google robots will catch on to this and they will explore your site based on this schedule. Because the Google robots are solely responsible for skimming your keywords, it is extremely important to have your website optimized with robot tags. Make sure that the site map on your website is updated in order to have your content fully optimized for the Google robots.

Keyword Density

The keyword densityhas become increasingly more importantafter the Google Panda updates. Keyword density is the density of your keywords against the other text in a post or article on your website.

Typically, the keyword density should be anywhere between 2% and 8%. The new Google updates are designed to filter out spamming websites and sites that offer low quality articles or blog posts. When you have a keyword density that is more than 8%, you run the risk of Google flagging your website as low quality or as spam. Always remain within this percentage for recommended SEO.

The First Sentence

The first sentence in every article or blog post should contain the keyword that you are trying to get ranked for. If you take notice of this article, the first word is “SEO.” When the Google robots scan your articles or blog posts the first sentence is the most important aspect of the text. Therefore having your main keyword in the first sentence will automatically rank you for that search term.

The Domain

The domain that you are registered for should ultimately contain a low competition keyword. There are a lot of keyword tools on the market that will allow you to find low competition keywords for your domains. If you want to use a free solution, Google’s Adword tool is free and very useful.

Products like Keyword Elite offer more in depth research, but most of these features are not needed for good SEO. Find a low competition keyword and do a domain search to see if you can grab the domain. Once the domain is registered you should be getting ranked based on the keyword within the URL alone.

Quality Content

Quality content is by far the most important aspect of getting ranked in the search engines. Quality content is going to ensure that you not only offer information that cannot be found on any other website, but also that your readers will return after finding your website through the search engines. The new Google updates are designed to filter out low-quality websites that do not offer quality content.

They also penalize websites that offer articles that are less than 300 words. Make sure that your content is not only quality but also contains quantity. Having a post that is at least 500 words long allows you to deliver various aspects of the article topic and is seen as quality through the search engines.

Linked Pages

A good way to get your readers to navigate through your site is to provide links within your text to other pages on your website. Making sure that the links contain low competition keywords is essential to adding SEO valueto your website. When the Google robots scan one aspect of your website they will find multiple links giving your site more authority within the search engines.

Having clean URLs is also an aspect of good search engine optimization. Make sure that you are keeping all of your URLs clean by abstaining from strange symbols like *,& or %. The robots are not designed to interpret these symbols and this will hurt your online authority.

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