SEO 201: How To Get Inbound Links To Your Blog

SEO is very dependent of inbound links. They are links located on other sites which direct people to your blog.

SEO is very dependent of inbound links. They are links located on other sites which direct people to your blog. For example, if someone used your web url in their blog suggesting readers check out this link, that would be, from your perspective, an “inbound” link. The majority of search engines determine the popularity of a site by how many inbound links it contains in other websites, which can increase the rank.

In contrast, if you were writing a blog and suggested that people examine “” to find excellent information regarding allergies, then this link would be considered an “outbound” link.

When you have a good amount of other sites linking back to your site, the traffic being directed to you can be nothing short of amazing. It also does wonders for your search engine rankings, which is the ultimate goal of all bloggers. Nine times out of ten, a person will choose to click on a site which is contained on the first or second page of a search result. Getting inbound links incorporated into as many blog as possible will increase your rank quickly and without using “blackhat” tricks which can get you penalized by certain search engines.

Google’s Disapproval

Google genuinely disapproves of “black hat” techniques intended to optimize a site on search engine rankings and may penalize a site in regards to its search engine rankings. These tactics include using invisible text or url’s, concealing keywords and keyword stuffing or revealing one page to people and another to Google’s search spider. White hat techniques, on the other hand, are approved methods relating to SEO strategy, such as utilizing inbound links that are legitimate blogs.

Best Method: Good Content

Experts say the that best method to use in order to obtain as many inbound links as possible it to consistently generate quality content that actually provides users with meaty information and meaningful advice. People don’t want to read the same old content or blog over and over again.

Eventually, they will stop visiting a site if the content remains the same or if the content has changed but is inferior and poorly written. blogs which contain “fluff”, or writing that is there merely to take up space, is like an inept and crudely decorated room. People won’t want to return to something that is unattractive and never changes.

Creating unique and substantial content on your blog cannot be stressed enough if you want to continuously add to your list of inbound links. When a blog, video, or other internet product becomes suddenly famous for one reason or another and spreads all over the internet like wildfire, this phenomenon is what is known as “going viral“.

For a website to produce such an effect on the web means that it will have to demonstrate something extraordinary and fascinating for people to feel compelled to send other the link or include it in their blogs. This is why producing a steady stream of powerful writing is absolutely necessary if you are going to generate those inbound links.

Article Sites

Another method which can generate inbound links to your site is for you to begin writing articles to sites like eZine or HubPages. These are sites which require you to follow a specific writing format and the moderators will ask you to submit an example of your writing before they accept you as a member of their writing community.

Once you are in, however, you can start writing articles for these sites which will be published containing your name and blog url. Since these article sites get millions of visitors each day, there exists the potential for at least someone to read your article, think it is good, and link back to it in their own blog or another article written by them. This is another reason why anything you write which is creating inbound links needs to be written as engagingly and professionally as possible.

Online Directories

Some individuals take advantage of online directories which contain hundreds (sometimes thousands depending on the size of the online directory) of links that are used by people searching for information regarding all sort of topics. However, because there are so many of these online directories and because most of them are only meant to provide links for the search engines themselves (called “link farms”), it probably would not be that beneficial to take the time to contact these directories and request them to add your link to their site.

Contact The Blog Owner

A direct approach to get inbound links is to personally contact the person who owns a blog. Email him or her and ask if you can place your link on their page. This especially works well if the webmaster you choose to contact deals with exact or similar topics that you do.

As long as your site is legitimate, most site owners shouldn’t mind creating an inbound link for you. You can also become known as a friendly linker if you incorporate a section on your blog which permits others the opportunity to link to your site. Don’t forget to include the HTML code when offering this chance for others to build their inbound link list.


With the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle and other online reading services peaking recently, the concept of E-books is rapidly trending on the internet. An e-book is exactly what it is called–a book specifically written just for the internet and is not in paper form. When you pen your own e-book, you can place links to your page anywhere in the book you wish. In addition, you can also post your e-book on blogs that host e-books.

Automated Link Exchange Programs

One word of caution: don’t bother participating in automated link exchange programs. For the most part, they are ineffective and disadvantageous because they will link you with other blogs that are low-quality, sometimes illegitimate and do nothing to augment your site whatsoever. A search engine may even discipline you by placing your site link way down on their list for joining an automated link exchange program.

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