How To Deal With The Secret Fear Of Every Blogger

Every blogger has a secret fear. It's not about writer's block, lack of writing skills, or lack of creativity. This is about fear of failure... Here's how to overcome it.
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Whom do you consider a blogging guru?

Neil Patel, Brian Clark, James Chartrand, Kristi Hines, Jeff Goins, Darren Rowse – they all are thought leaders, they all write and share top-notch content, they teach us blogging and Internet marketing.

But does it mean they aren’t afraid of anything?

Every blogger has a secret fear. And this fear is not about writer’s block, lack of writing skills, or lack of creativity (though they happen to be, too). This is about fear of failure when you are not sure if your writings are worth sharing with readers, if they are useful and informative enough, if they are accepted and liked by your audience.

In other words, every blogger’s fear is about comparing themselves with others and believing they have something worthwhile to tell people.

In one word, every blogger fears of failure.

Neil Patel

“What a lot of rubbish! I am a blogger, and I have nothing in common with such fears”, you may say. Nice try! Carry on this way, trying to gain yourself over to this.

For others ready to face the fear, here are some tips on dealing with it.

Take Risks

Blogging is a risk. Accept that.

Every time you sit and write articles to post to your blog or contribute them to other bloggers, you take risks:

  • you risk your work will be compared to others’ not in your favor;
  • you risk your writing will be rejected;
  • you risk revealing something you may not want readers to see.

Being a creative person who writes for a blog, you always share a part of yourself via your writings; this sharing can be risky too, as it makes you vulnerable. Moreover, when you share something you like but the audience doesn’t accept that or find it boring, stupid, etc. – it makes you even more vulnerable and fearful.

Take risks, learning from your mistakes: your content will not always be delivered according to your readers expectations; but sharing it, you will learn the audience and understand them better to deliver better content in the future. If they don’t want the “real” you, you will know what to give them.

Write With Passion

Blogging takes courage. When you decide to start blogging and share your thoughts with the world, it’s a courageous feat, as you never know how this world will accept your writings.

The trick here is to do a blog topic your passion.

When you are passionate about your writing, your blog will flourish with emotions; readers are not fools, and they feel when blogs are written with sincerity. Embrace openness, love writing, and you will never have to worry if people accept your writings.

Ask for Help

If you have doubts or fears about your writing or research skills, topic knowledge, your content significance and value for the Internet audience, etc. – it’s not a reason to give up blogging and writing. There are always blogging experts, thought leaders, professional writers, and communities, or outsourced bloggers who can give you advice or help with writing.

  • Don’t be shy or presumptuous to ask for help:
  • Ask professional writers to help you come up with new ideas;
  • Ask blogging gurus to get advice and become a thought leader;
  • Join writing communities to network with other bloggers and discuss blogging aspects online;
  • Ask outsourced writers to help you create, generate and distribute a top-notch content.

Check some of them here:


Don’t ignore social media (join Reddit, use Facebook to follow groups on blogging, contact gurus and ask them questions via Twitter, network your industry leaders on LinkedIn).

Kristi Hines

And even if all you do is reading professionals’ blogs and publications, you will learn from them and overcome your fear of failure in the list.

Do What You Fear

Easier say than do, but doing is never easy.

Just realize that when blogging and trying to reach your audience you have two options: you either fail or succeed; when you don’t write for your blog because of doubts and fears whether your readers will like your writings – the only option is left for you: a fail.

As W. Clement Stone said,

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”

So, do what you fear: write about what you like, blog about what you find informative, interesting, and useful for your audience – and your fear will disappear. Action is always rewarding.

Accept That S**t Happens

When you have blogging ideas to share with readers but you doubt if they are worthwhile, that is your fear of the unknown: you check the writings of other bloggers on the same topic, you see they’ve succeeded, and you start thinking something like “I am not sure I will expand on a topic with the same success… They’ve said everything already, there is nothing interesting to add, so there’s no point writing about it again.”

Hey, what’s going on here?

This is the fear of failure again. Why do you think you can’t expand on a topic? Just try, do some research, find new details, employ an unusual approach to the problem…

After all, failures happen. Just realize that you will fail sometimes, but these failures will make you a more knowledgeable and experienced blogger. As Roosevelt said, “the only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

Write, blog, create, run towards your fears and failures – and you’ll succeed.

And what is your biggest fear as a blogger, by the way?

About the author:

Lesley J. Vos is a content strategist, writer and passionate blogger. She educates students, shares her writing experience with others, and is always ready to help when she can. Follow Lesley on Google+!

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