7 Best Sites To Get Sexy Royalty Free Images

Royalty free images are definitely the preferred way to obtain images for blogs and websites on the net.

Royalty-free images are definitely the preferred way to obtain photos for your blogs and websites. Unlike stock photos, with royalty-free images, you only pay one fee for an image and you can then use that image as many times as you like, with no change in the price.

If you have already done a search for royalty-free image sites, there’s no doubt you’re a bit overwhelmed by the number of different websites and companies there are out there. What’s even worse is if you’re trying to look for something specific, like provocative, sexy pictures. If you’re looking for the hottest, sexiest, steamiest photographs on the web and aren’t sure where to turn, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already done the research for you.

These sites are also excellent options for PG-rated images :).

1. iStock Photo

iStock photo is undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best, royalty-free image sites on the web. And when it comes to steamy pictures, they still definitely deliver. What we like about the images that this site offers is the diversity. You can find sexy photos that will suit a number of different occasions and holidays, with people of different races, genders, and ages. Men with ripped abs and women in barely-there outfits reign on this site, making it a great place to start with any provocative image query you may have.

TIP: iStock photo has more than just pics, too. You can find illustrations, videos, audio clips and more!

2. Everystockphoto

If you’re looking for a large collection of hot photos, then Everystockphoto is another site that you definitely want to hit up. Unlike a lot of other websites, you may find partial or full nudity on this site (though generally, they try to do it in a tasteful way).

If you’re looking for sensual women, then this site will work for you. If you’re looking for some slightly bizarre and off-the-wall pictures, then this site can work for you too. But the one thing that we are disappointed by on this site is their lack of male photographs. If you’re looking for gorgeous topless men, look elsewhere.

3. Fotolia

Fotolia, on the other hand, has a ton of pics of sexy men of a number of different races and ages (and, of course, there are gorgeous women as well). The one thing that we really like Fotolia for is for sexy couples pictures. You can find a number of beautiful couples on this site, languidly lying on beaches, snuggling in beds, sharing kisses, and in other romantic poses. This site doesn’t have particularly risqué photos and is appropriate for almost any website.

4. Stock.xchng

Stock.xchng has a whole lot of photos, so much that it can be pretty overwhelming. When you perform a search on the site, be aware that they have their regular photos, and then their “premium” ones which may cost more than their other royalty-free images.

While you can almost find anything that you need on this site, make sure that you are very specific in your search query. With such a large database, if you aren’t specific with your search query, you can easily spend well over an hour clicking through different photos that you feel may be appropriate for your site.

5. Freedigitalphotos.net

What we really like about Freedigitalphotos.net is the diversity in hot photographs that it offers. You can find flirtatious blondes, cowgirls, and both partial and full nudity photos. The site also isn’t just all about sexy women, it also features a number of beautiful, toned men (though we did find a picture of a man with angel wings that we found a bit bizarre). There are also quite a few provocative pictures of couples, featuring people of different and same genders.

The selection on this site isn’t as good as others that we’ve listed above, but the photos are good quality and professional.

6. Shutterstock

Looking for great quality provocative pics? Then look no further. Shutterstock has them, and they have a whole lot of them. No matter what gender, what race, what outfit or what position you want to have someone in, this site seems to have it all. The photos far outweigh the illustrations, but this site does have a rather impressive collection of hot illustrations too that can suit almost any website.

7. 123RF

Looking for hotter, more risqué photos? Then check 123RF out. The women are beautiful, the men are tight, and you will definitely stumble upon some partial nudity on this site. They also have some great couple shots in different poses and illustrations that can turn up the heat of any website.

Sites To Avoid

There are some royalty-free image websites out there that have made our “top” lists when it comes to general photography, but when it comes to provocative ones, they are a horrible fail. One of the worst sites out there for sexy photos: Morguefile. While this site is pretty good for other royalty-free images, steamy pictures seem to be nearly non-existent on this site.

A search for “sexy women” came up with numerous unappealing results, one being just a shot of the lower half of a woman in a knee-length skirt with her ankles exposed (what is this, the Renaissance?). Any search for a “sexy man” will bring you only a handful of image results, with the results not even – at least in our opinion – being the least bit hot.

Photogen is another great photo site that has nothing in the way of steamy pics. If you’re looking for picturesque landscapes, animals, or backgrounds, then this site deserves a visit. But if you’re looking for steamy photos, look elsewhere.

We think this goes without saying, but any government-related sites like NOAA and Uncle Sam’s Photos don’t have anything in the way of hot photos. If you want great photographs of picturesque landscapes, then yes. Go to these sites. But if you want beautiful men and women, avoid these types of sites.

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