Make Money From Your Blog With Infolinks


Infolinks provides free innovative advertising solutions, which give bloggers value by monetizing their unused ad space through a unique ad platform. Infolinks web placed ads, allow bloggers to reach each and every reader by analyzing his interests and overcome his banner blindness.

Infolinks products work perfectly with all current ad solutions and won’t interfere with your user’s experience. Infolinks platform drives revenue for over 125,000 sites in 128 countries, by analyzing 2 trillion keywords and displaying more than 15 billion ads monthly.

How Does Infolinks Work for You?

Infolinks variety of smart products ranges from contextual ads to display ads with an edge, all of which target user’s intent, perform in real time and improve user’s engagement:

In-text – Scans a page’s content in real-time to deliver relevant ads. The ads are neatly presented within a page’s text, delivering effective results.

In-screen – An ad functions as an “ad intermission” between page views. This results in well-timed display ads, driven both by user intent and the blog content.

In-fold – This ad unit takes advantage of the power of search and display, delivering ads on a wider scale of traffic.

In-tag – Displays the most valuable keywords directly related to the content of a page in highly customizable ad units.

In-frame – Provides a solution for unused real estate on wide screens.
These attractive display banners present relevant and perfectly timed ads.

The New Infolinks Publisher Referral Program

Infolinks has recently launched a new publisher referral program, designed to increase your revenue with Infolinks: refer new publishers and earn 10% of their revenues for 12 months!

Infolinks current referrals are leading online companies such as WIX and Cloud Flare, and top industry bloggers like John Chow and Spencer Haws to name a few.

NOTE: I’ve added infolinks to this post so that you can see it in action – you should see an ad at the bottom as well as certain words in the post with dotted lines under them – those are all InfoLinks ads. 🙂

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