Who Am I?

Jennifer Baritchi, BlogPress Customer Success Lead
Jennifer Baritchi,
BlogPress Customer Success Lead

I’m Jennifer Baritchi, and I successfully made the transition from “overworked and underappreciated corporate employee” to “full-time, work from home, control my own schedule” awesomeness.

I have been blogging and earning online full-time for over 10 years and am the founder of BlogPress (WordPress Blog Hosting, Training, and
Incredible Personal Support.)

I grew up and spent most of my life in Dallas, TX, but I’m currently living in Berlin and traveling in Europe. I seriously love my life!

That’s a picture of me at the airport on my way to Amsterdam. The month before, I spent 3 weeks in Antigua on a 55ft X-Yacht.

It’s so awesome to be able to travel and work from anywhere in the world!

I have spent the last 7+ years helping bloggers and business owners just like you

I will share all my years of experience and break it all down for you step-by-step so that it makes sense and is totally doable. Even if you’re brand new and feeling
completely lost, I can help you!

You are not alone in this any longer!

I look forward to getting you to know you and sharing your amazing success!