Information Products – How To Create Best Sellers for Your Blog

Information products are great things to promote on your blog - here's how to choose the right ones that will make you money online!

Information products for can be a great way to keep your followers returning to your site or to make additional money from your readers. If you have a niche where people are hungry for information, and you can put together something that meets their needs, you are almost guaranteed to do well by creating an ebook or some other information product for your followers.

However, how do you go about putting something like this together, especially if you have never done so before? Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Consider What You Needed To Know

Of course, the first thing you are going to need when putting together an information product is a topic, and not just any topic, but something that people are interested in and would want to read or watch. A great way to know what this might be is to think about what it was that you needed to know when you started out in your niche.

Think about what you wished you would have known, or what you would have done differently when you started out in your niche if you had all the knowledge that you have now. These could be great starting points for an information product for your readers.

Ask Them What They Want

Another great way to come up with an information product that is going to be a hit would be to just simply ask your readers what they need to know about your niche! You might be surprised by their answers, and they may come up with something that you never thought of before!

You can go about this in a few different ways. First, you can simply ask in a blog post and have people leave comments on what they would like to know more about in your niche or what their biggest questions are. Second, if you already have a few ideas in mind and you are just trying to pick the best one, you could have a poll on your site and let your readers vote on which one they think is the best potential product. You could also ask your readers via social media what type of products they would be most likely to buy or read.

Do Thorough Research

Once you have your topic in hand, make sure you do your thorough research before you put out a product. Even if you are an expert on the topic, brushing up on the subject certainly will not hurt, and having a few sources mixed into your information product will only serve to add to its validity in the eyes of your reader.

You do not have to put together a dissertation here. Just make sure that you read up on the latest in this particular subject before you are ready to write about it. Check and see if there are any news stories about the subject. Has anything happened recently in your niche that readers really need to know about to thoroughly understand the subject? Also, if someone else has put out a similar information product recently that you could use as a guide as you create your product.

Decide On A Presentation Method

When people think of information products, they often think of an ebook in pdf format. However, there are plenty of other mediums you can use to do a product like this today.

Many presenters will now use video for their information products. It could be in the form of a recorded video, or it could be a slide show presentation done in real time while the presenter speaks into the microphone. Some people will douse audio or a podcast and present the information in that format for listeners.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with an ebook format, and many if not most folks still use it! You could, however, attach an audio presentation or a video to it as well.

Keep It Interesting

If you are going to be presenting facts and figures as your information product, make sure you find a way to keep it interesting so that you do not lose your readers or viewers in the process. If it is an ebook, include a few pictures along the way. If it is a video, keep the slides changing or break up the monotony somehow by adding a bit of humor.

Hire A Freelancer If You Need Assistance

Maybe you have the information you need, but you do not feel as if you have the skills or the time to put it all together as an information product for your readers. This is where a freelancer can be a huge help. You can hire someone to write the ebook for you if you want to go that route. You could even hire someone to do a voice over or a video for you if you plan to go in that direction. In any case, whatever format you pick, you can probably find someone on a freelancing site to do the work of packaging it together for you.

Decide How To Sell It

Once the product is done, you need to decide what you want to do with it exactly. Do you want to sell it to your readers to monetize your site? Do you want to give it away as just a thank you? Do you want to use it to have people opt in to your email list? There are several ways to go with this, and all depend on what you hope to accomplish with your product.

Get It Out There

Finally, get it out there in front of your readers, and do not wait until it is absolutely perfect! It does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be a good, informative product.

If you will follow the above steps, you can bet that you will have a killer information product that you can be proud of in no time – something that will be a hit for your readers and will keep driving traffic to your blog for a long time.

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