How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel is a great topic for a blog. It's something that nearly everyone is interested in even if they are only daydreaming about being able to someday afford a dream vacation. Here's how to start a travel blog today...

Travel is a great topic for a blog. It’s something that nearly everyone is interested in even if they are only daydreaming about being able to someday afford a dream vacation. If you’re wondering how to start a blog that’s all about travel, here is all you need to know to get started today.

Travel blogs allow frequent travelers to share their adventures with eager readers.

Find Your Niche

While travel itself may seem like a niche, it’s a general topic that has garnered a lot of interest. In order to stand out among other travel blogs, you need to focus on finding your niche. Specialize in a certain kind of travel or maybe even those who travel only to a certain country, state, or city. Some blogs even concentrate on a single attraction. For example, there are several very successful blogs for Disney theme parks.

You can virtually show your readers locations that they’d never otherwise see.

The Importance of Imagery

It’s vitally important to include many photos and videos in a travel blog. That’s important for most blogs, but it’s especially important when you are talking about travel. Each post should have at least one photo, and try to include several per post when possible. If you are only talking about a place where you want to go, be sure to use a published photo of the location.

A quick note about images: Always make sure to clear the rights. Never simply use a photo that you find online unless it is clearly marked for commercial reuse. Sites like Wikimedia Commons and Flickr will have free photos that you can use, but you need to specifically search for the ones that are available for bloggers to use.

Create Extra Content

Before you publish your blog, you need to have a back log of blog posts about travel. If you plan on posting once per week, have four stored travel posts. You should have a back log of a month’s worth of posts if possible before you start publishing the blog. That way, if you have an emergency or unforeseen circumstances that force you to stop writing for a while, your readers don’t have to go without content. It also helps take the pressure off, so you are free to write only content that you truly enjoy writing.

Face the Competition

When you are planning how to start a blog, you need to realistically accept that you will have a lot of competition among travel bloggers. That’s the nature of travel blogging, but you don’t need to let that slow you down. Simply focus on creating great content that’s unique with great imagery. Post as often as possible and focus on your target readers. You don’t need to concern yourself about competition beyond knowing what’s out there and making sure that you are staying on top of the quality of your own blog.


The fastest way to start enticing travel enthusiasts to become a loyal reader of your blog is to get it started as soon as possible. In fact, why not get started now? Sign up for a Risk-Free trial with BlogPress today, and we can help you set up a travel blog that’s just right for your niche, target audience, and unique voice.

We’ll walk you through every step of setting it up and continue to be there for you as you build your audience.

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