How To Make Money Blogging

Some people start blogs as nothing more than a labor of love, but a greater percentage hope to generate income from their efforts. Bloggers enjoy access to several potential revenue streams, and while it takes time and considerable effort to build a blog into a money maker, many bloggers have proven it’s possible.

Build A Solid Foundation

Making money blogging requires a combination of efforts in the design and structure of your blog.

Start by creating great content. It’s the carrot that you dangle throughout your website’s pages, enticing Internet users not only to visit, but to return day after day for more.

You’ll want a blog with a crisp, clean design and elegant code behind the scenes. Working with BlogPress allows you to focus on content generation and potential revenue streams without any of the heavy lifting. Members gain access to a solid, functional product as well as to a wealth of training and support information.

Develop A Monetization Timeline

Some bloggers recommend waiting several months to monetize their sites, but expert blogger Darren Rowse advises early monetization. He relates a blog to a retail store, saying, “…shops open from day [one] with products to sell.”

If you decide to wait until you establish a stream of content on your blog, keep income generation in the back of your mind. Ask yourself whether the posts you write will align with future monetization efforts.

Consider Different Types Of Revenue

Display advertising offers the simplest, most effective monetization strategy for new bloggers. It requires no track record of traffic or other metrics and you don’t have to write about specific topics or industries.

Display ads also present a few obstacles. For one thing, 85 percent of display ad clicks originate from only 8 percent of computer users, according to ComScore. This represents a significant decline in the number of Internet browsers to who notice and click on ads.

Other monetization strategies include affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, membership programs, or the sale of your own information products or services. You decide how you want to make money blogging.

Take Inspiration From The Best

A seemingly insignificant blog can yield surprising rewards.

Consider Heather B. Armstrong, a “mommy blogger” from Salt Lake City, Utah, who started as an online journals, then landed the 26th slot on the 2011 list of Forbes’ Most Influential Women in Media, according to the New York Times. She made blogging her full-time job, which has supported a family that includes two children.

Then you have the iconic I Can Has Cheezburger, which started as a joke and became so popular that, in 2007, it demanded ad revenues of up to $4,000 per week, according to Bloomberg. Numerous micro brands started by single bloggers have taken the Internet by storm.

Try New Things

A single strategy won’t work across the board. You know your blog the best, and if you work with BlogPress, you have an experienced team of professionals behind you. Experiment with different revenue strategies to determine what works best for you.

If you consistently generate amazing content, for example, consider shielding some of it behind a pay wall. Readers can still access your free content, but they must pay a monthly subscription to view premium content.

If you want to make money blogging, you can’t start until you launch your blog. Once you get it live, consider your monetization options and build the ones you like into your blogging strategy. To launch your blog-in-waiting, sign up for a risk-free trial at BlogPress.

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