How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills in 7 Days

Starting a blog is easy these days and most blogging platforms are easy to learn. For this reason, anyone who knows how to use the internet can write a blog entry. But a significant part of the online content is inadequately composed. The writer has not taken the time to develop strong blog writing skills. Most articles are either rushed or poorly researched and do not pass on a message or cite sources. Many of these articles are made for search engine optimization, which implies that the quality of the material was not in consideration.

A lot of bloggers have no idea how to engage their readers or create content that attracts more readers to their site. Besides publishing engaging blog posts, bloggers need to create informative content that’s different from what other blogs offer.

I hope you enjoy this guest post that will show you just how to improve your blog writing skills in just 7 days. So let’s jump right in!

How To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills In Just 7 Days

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Begin your week with one critical thing – becoming skilled in the craft of immaculate blog writing. To compose an excellent blog entry, you ought to comprehend its core elements.

A blog post should have the following components:

  • An Intriguing Idea – A decent essayist puts quality over quantity to get more readers, shares, and likes. To come up with your intriguing idea for your site, evaluate your audience, discover their interests and brainstorm exciting ideas relevant to your audience.
  • A Catchy Caption – A captivating headline will make your readers keep on reading the content. It will also help attract traffic to your site.
  • An Introduction with a hook captures the attention of your readers with a controversial thesis statement. Write a quote or reveal critical snapshots of your topic to create an excellent introduction.
  • Media Content – Utilize textual and visual content to help your audience understand your posts better. You can get relevant images from photo stocks or make them yourself. Blogs with visual content get 94% more views.
  • Enhance Readability – You can do this by writing short sentences and paragraphs. Add subheadings and create bullet lists to make it easy for your readers to scan your text.

There are various components that each blog entry ought to have such as relevant quotes, tips, an elegantly composed conclusion, and a call to action. So, the next time you write your text, check whether it has all the previously mentioned components.


Dedicate your Tuesday to learning how to make your writing all the more fascinating. Writers endeavor to look savvy on the internet, so they utilize complex sentences and technical definitions that make their articles too dull to read.

There are 4 oversights that bloggers make:

  • Complex sentences: Readers find it difficult to read complex sentences. They would rather skip the text than re-read it over and over again. Therefore, divide your document into sections by using short paragraphs and simple words.
  • Product advertisement: As much as you want to promote your items or services, try not to do it in the content. Otherwise, people will skip your blog. People are naturally fed up with Google ads, banners, and videos. Your blog should be exciting and should not sound like a sales pitch.
  • Lack of illustrations: When you’re composing your blog entry, consider the best examples to demonstrate your perspective. Regardless of the kind of examples that you pick, whether personal experience or fictional, you have to explain your ideas to make the content all the more fascinating.
  • Not editing: It is normal for humans to make errors. Nevertheless, if you are an expert writer, you have to avoid making spelling and grammatical errors. Thus, once your content is done, take time to proofread and edit your article.
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Living in the digital period, you have to figure out how to receive the most in return. You can do this by utilizing apps and other online tools to help you with your writing. Some of the best online tools include:

  • Evernote: As a writer, you need to organize your ideas and the writing process. With Evernote, you can keep all your drafts, ideas, and notes in one place.
  • Headline Analyzer: This tool will help you create interesting headlines that will improve your blog writing skills. It analyzes the headline length, type, and word balance and gives you the final count.
  • Copyscape: To become a blogging expert, you have to offer your readers original and unique content. Copyscape highlights plagiarized text that should be paraphrased or cited. This app is a must-have for all writers.
  • Grammarly: Check punctuation and spelling errors, edit the article, and identify the explanation of each mistake. Using Grammarly will help you avoid making mistakes in the future.
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Dedicate your Thursday to surfing the web to locate blogging gurus from whom you can draw inspiration. You can not only read their posts to get bits of knowledge but also build relations with them. You can also ask to write guest posts on their sites and get constructive feedback from them.

In a nutshell, by teaming up with incredible bloggers, you can study their tricks and execute their prose where possible.


How often do you log into your social media accounts?

Most people use online networking platforms every day as it is one of the simplest ways to stay in contact with friends and family, share views and entertain yourself. Today, social media is a valuable advertising tool, you better begin using it for your blog too.

So, how do you get the most out of Social Media? Well, this is simple, you can achieve this by:

  • Engaging your readers: Almost all blog readers love to share their points of view. Allowing them to comment on your posts might inspire a real discussion that will give you ideas for your next blog posts. In addition to that, your readers will feel like they are part of your blog, which provides them with satisfaction.
  • Creating fascinating posts every day: Once you identify your audience’s needs, you can create posts every day to keep them engaged.
  • Sharing your articles on social media to generate traffic and advertise your site.


Forming good writing habits is a must for anyone who wants to become a successful blogger. It will help you manage the writing process and, thus, write better papers. Below are tips on how to advance your writing:

  • Research: Every subject that you cover should be thoroughly researched to improve the quality of your articles. Researching will also help you put forward solid arguments that will elevate your profile as a writer.
  • Take Notes: Note taking is an essential part of being a writer. Therefore, get into the habit of scribbling down ideas on your phone or notebook so as not to forget.
  • Cite Sources: Learn how to cite sources properly to avoid plagiarism. Citing sources will help increase your credibility as well as connect you with the people you quote.
  • Become an Avid Reader: You will discover a lot about your craft by reading frequently. Read books, articles, journals, and blogs that you enjoy. While reading, pay attention to what other authors do, why and how they do it. Doing this will help you learn new phrases and writing styles.



Well, welcome to the last day of your learning process. It’s Sunday, and it is time to start composing your masterpiece. To prepare for the writing process:

  • Clear and organize your workstation
  • Look for ideas online or in your notepad
  • Research the topic
  • Write the first draft of your article
  • Proofread and edit the text
  • Look for the relevant media content to add to your text
  • Publish your post
  • Promote the post on social media

Keep in mind that if you want to sharpen your blogging skills, you should keep all your notes and drafts. Read them now and then, record useful knowledge and attempt to utilize them later.


Implementing the tips listed above may sound complicated, especially if you are new to the blogging world. However, you have to remember that even the most experienced bloggers do not get it right with some of their posts. The fact remains that some of your posts will go viral and others will not. Nobody has ever achieved instant success by blogging – it requires time, work, and devotion.

Have you created your blog? If not, what are you waiting for? Create one and rock the blogging world!

Author’s Bio: Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he knows how to write a cause and effect topics, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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