How To Boost Your Link Building Endeavors

Blog link love is something every blogger wants to have, but many aren't sure how to get it. Here's how to make your efforts to link and get links count.

Blog link love is something every blogger wants to have, but many aren’t sure how to get it. Here’s how to make your efforts to link and get links count.

Link building is imperative if you want to really see a dramatic increase in your blog’s search engine rankings. SEO is important, of course, so it’s important to still be familiar with keywords and all that goes with that. But truth be told, a lot of bloggers and businesses either just don’t have the patience to create content that’s well crafted from an SEO perspective, or they don’t understand how SEO works in the first place so they miss that opportunity entirely.

SEO is important, but what’s even more important when it comes to your blog is receiving links for sources that are reliable and credible. Every time you receive a credible “link” you get a positive “vote” in your blog’s favour. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! gather these votes up and then place you in their search engine rankings based on a number of things, including how many positive “votes” (or backlinks) your blog has received.

But here’s the question: how are you going to get links? How are people even going to find your blog? Here’s how you start:

1. Create Quality Content

There are way too many poorly written and poorly constructed blogs out there. If you want people to link to you, then you need to create content that is actually of quality and useful to people. Creating a ton of useless posts will get you nowhere.

As an additional tip, it’s always a good idea to hit up some successful blogs in your niche and see what their blog structure is like. How many words are used per blog entry? Is there a particular keyword placement strategy that you can see?

2. Use Social Media Bookmarks

Social media is booming right now, and can also be a great source for backlinks from both new and returning users. If your blogging platform doesn’t already allow this, see if you can somehow include social bookmarks from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This way people can easily share your content on social media sites and then their friends and family can come and visit your site with little to no effort on your part!

3. Participate In Other Blogs

Want quality backlinks? Then go to where the bloggers go. When visiting other blogs in your niche, don’t just watch conversations happen – join in! Make sure you participate and contribute useful comments and information. If you have already answered a question in a former blog entry, give them a link! As a matter of fact, always provide them with a link back to your blog. Make it a part of your signature for blogs, forums, and emails.

4. Perform Backlink Analysis

Performing a backlink analysis on other competing blogs and sites can give you a ton of good information and insight. Look to see who is linking to your competition’s blogs that is not linking to yours. If there is a site that is linking to several of your competitors, why not ask them to link up to your site as well? You can trade link for link, so it’s mutually beneficial for both parties.

5. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get backlinks and to get fresh traffic coming to your blog. Contact blog owners and pitch them a compelling blog idea that you think would be of value to their readers. Chances are they’ll appreciate the offer and give you the opportunity to guest blog, and who knows? They may ask to guest blog on your site in return.

6. Write Testimonials For Software And Services

One method that most bloggers don’t think of is writing testimonials for products and services that they already use. Most companies will provide a link back to your blog for the purpose of proving that your testimonial is credible and legitimate. You benefit by getting a backlink, and they benefit by getting a real testimony that will help them sell their products and services.

7. Submit To Blog Directories

Some bloggers may tell you that submitting your work to a blog directory is a complete waste of time, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. While it is true that some directories won’t provide you any backlinks of value, there are several out there that will give you a boost in the search engines. Check out a number of forums and sites on the internet to find out which ones may be worth submitting your blog to.

It’s also important to submit your blog to RSS directories. Whenever you have completed a blog entry, make sure you “ping” search engines so they know when to index and update your content.

8. Write About Events

If there is an event happening that is related to your niche, why not promote it? Promoting events both on your blog and through a third party service is a great opportunity for you to get more traffic. When promoting through a third party service, make sure that you provide a link back to your blog that contains all of the pertinent details about the event. Use the third party site like bait to get people interested, and redirect them to your blog for further information.

9. Take Advantage Of Sponsored Content

You undoubtedly check out numerous websites and newsletters about your niche. Why not contact some of them and ask them if you would be able to either buy some advertising space (this is usually quite cost effective) or contribute written content? When writing an article, make sure that the bio or credits about yourself includes a link back to your blog.

10. Always Thank Those Who Link To You

One of the most important things that you can do is thank those who link back to you. If you have been blogging long enough, you know that there is a lot of “what goes around, comes around” going on in the blogosphere, so if you help out one blogger, chances are that they’ll help you out in return. Showing that you appreciate anyone who’s helping you out will allow you to build up a community of bloggers who you will be able to connect with to share insights and information with in the future.

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