How Do I Change the Title of My Blog Post?

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Blogging really is simple, and we’ll show you how.


A good blog post title might seem elusive, and sometimes it is. But the keys are using words and phrases that readers search for, which helps your posts turn up in a Google search, and crafting titles that capture attention. Once you’ve blogged for a while, chances are you’ll want to change the title of a post or two.

Maybe you’ve thought of a better title, or maybe you just want to experiment to see what you can do. Whatever the reason, the good news is that this is one of the easiest adjustments that you can make with your blog.

Here’s how you do it in WordPress:

Open the Post for Editing

The first thing you’ll need to do is select the post that you want to edit from your WordPress dashboard. If you hover your mouse over the title of the post, you’ll see a menu appear directly under the title. That menu includes Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View options. You can click on the title of the post, or on the Edit option. Either one will open your post.

If you don’t want to open the whole post, you can select the Quick Edit option for a faster method. Quick Edit allows you to change the title of the post and other details that you might want to update.

Enter Your New Post Title

Whether you select Edit or Quick Edit, you’ll need to click in the Title field. Then you can delete the old title and type in a new one. Given the choice, it’s better to use shorter titles than longer, wordy ones.

When someone finds your post through a Google search, a shorter title will show up in full. But if you choose a longer title, part of it might be invisible to readers, which means they might not click. Shorter titles help make your blog posts catch the attention of more readers.

Next, Edit the Permalink

While you’re editing the title of the post, you’ll also want to think about changing the permalink or slug to match your new title. You can edit this to match your new title if you open the whole post for editing. Directly under the title, you’ll see Permalink and a web address that begins with “” On the right side of the same line, you’ll see an Edit button. Click it, and you’ll open the field that lets you change the permalink. Once you’re done, click OK and then Update to save your changes.

Another way to edit the permalink or slug is from the Quick Edit option. From that screen, you’ll see the word “Slug” under your blog post title. Enter whatever you want the slug to be, preferably your blog post title, and then click Update on the right to save it.

Changing the title of a blog post lets you experiment to see what works well for you. If you haven’t had luck with one title, updating it could make all the difference in the world.

Most blog hosts let you update post titles in a similar way. So if you don’t use WordPress, you’ll still be able to navigate through the process. Look for buttons that let you edit, and always remember to update or save the post again once you’re finished.

BlogPress helps make blogging simpler. Even if you’ve never written a post before, you’ll be up and running before you know it. Click here for a free trial, and find out just how simple blogging can be!

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