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SEO (search engine optimization) continues to change as new developments, products, and technologies become available.

SEO (search engine optimization) continues to change as new developments, products, and technologies become available. Google Plus is yet another one of those technologies which is going to further change the face of SEO, as well as offer you a lot more when it comes to promoting your blog or website and increasing your rankings in search engines.

What Is Google Plus?

Google Plus is basically Google’s version of social media. It is their version of Facebook, Twitter and everything rolled up into one. People can post messages, websites, videos, they can comment, and vote on posts. The circle feature allows you to have a list of friends, which you can personalize and stream news feeds. The Sparks feature is kind of almost a rip off of twitter.

But Google Plus isn’t only a tool to stay connected with others. Google is actually using this data. They collect and analyze data, and so they are just using this to collect more information about what people think are good websites.

The +1 Feature

Google’s +1 feature is the equivalent of Facebook’s “like” feature. Most people think that this is simply a way to express their opinion and show that they do, in fact, “like” the posting, but the real intention behind this on Facebook was to track just what sort of posts were successful and which weren’t, and then improve their viral marketing campaigns.

The Google +1 feature is an effective way for Google to improve and tweak their inquiry results because they want to know what people like. This is a way for Google to help improve their search results, which will further help Google improve and tweak page and website rankings.

How +1 Will Affect SEO

Been on any web pages lately? Then there’s a good chance that you will find a +1 button on the website or blog, we put it on ours. Even if you don’t have a Google Plus account, you can still click on the +1 button to show that you like or approve of the page, blog, or message. Google is continuing to roll out these +1 buttons that will eventually be on a lot of websites.

How does this help SEO? By clicking on the +1 button, you’re telling Google that this web page is the very best for the keywords that you typed into the search engine. So let’s say you were searching for information on training a parrot. You type “how to train a “parrot” into the Google search engine, and you receive a ton of results.

You click on the link to the first search result, but found it wasn’t so helpful. You click on the link to the second search result, but it was not helpful either. You find that the third search result is the most helpful and has the information you need. You can then click the “+1” button, which tells Google that this particular search result is the best and is better than the first two search results. Google will then be able to take that into consideration for the next time those keywords are entered.

This is fantastic news for anyone who isn’t an SEO spammer. This is an important way for Google to ensure that when you enter in a keyword, you aren’t just getting garbage results; you’re receiving useful information that you need. The +1 button will give your website or blog credibility since it’s telling Google, as well as others on the internet, that this person (you) is a pro and really knows their stuff!

What Does This Mean?

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. SEO is still going to play a very important role in having your blog or website even show up in a decent position on search rankings. You may have awesome content on your blog, but if you are on page 43,569, then really – who’s going to look at it? It is a popularity game.

It is not that SEO rankings are going to go away, but all of this stuff is going to make it harder to cheat the ranking system so good content and quality content is going to be more important than ever. This gets back to the simple concept, build your brand and put out helpful, quality content. That is the ultimate black hat ninja SEO trick right there: to build your brand, have an awesome site and put out good content.

This simply means that you will have to be smarter about your search engine optimization. Keyword density (especially if you “spam” keywords on your blog or site) probably isn’t going to matter nearly as much as it has in the past, so if that’s how you’ve been driving traffic to your site thus far, it may be time to re-examine your methods.

Considering just how important social networking sites are becoming when it comes to search results, start thinking about how to make your methods more social networking-friendly. By this I mean, think about what people are going to +1. Any message that you put out there should be:

  • Short and to the point
  • Entertaining
  • Useful

Long rambling messages aren’t going to get the +1 as much as concise and informative messages will. Include links to other useful sites (or web pages of your own) and even include an offer if at all possible. It might be a good idea to expand beyond offering information only through text as well. If you have the ability to include any images that are relevant to your blog or website, definitely post them on social networking sites. People are more likely to click on a picture than they are on a “note” that you may have created or a website link.

Videos are also becoming an integral part to SEO and to marketing. It has been proven time and time again that people prefer videos over text. Why? Videos help build a stronger connection to the audience. Any message also can be delivered in a shorter amount of time. The viewer has to work a whole lot harder to get the message than if they were to read lines of text. Some search engines are also beginning to include posted videos into their search ranking Considerations, so it may be time to start-up a vlog along with your blog!

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