6 Ways To Use Facebook To Boost Traffic And Sales

Facebook seems like it's only a social networking website, but you can actually use it to promote your blog. Here's how to use Facebook to increase visitors.

Just a few years ago, Facebook (i.e.  social networking) was still an obscure trend. While individuals were using websites such as Facebook to connect with friends and family, businesses didn’t understand the incredible power it held. Now, more and more blog owners use Facebook to get more traffic and generate sales.

As of the writing of this article, Facebook has surpassed 500 million registered users and that number continues to climb steadily. With that much power and potential, it is a wonder that more blog owners haven’t caught on to this form of marketing. Yet they will and if you wait, you will be fighting an uphill climb.

Perhaps one of the best assets going for Facebook is that you can post updates, links, and directly insert videos from YouTube onto your page. This makes getting your message out as simple as possible. As a result, when you build your network of ‘friends,’ they see your updates in real time.

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How to Build a Network of Facebook  ‘Friends’

Different social networking sites have different names for the people within your social network. With Facebook, these are called ‘friends.’ Of course, this changes when you set up a  page, in which case you don’t have friends, but rather ‘fans,’ which means that your potential customers will need to ‘like’ your page. How each of these work is similar, but Facebook does not allow direct selling through your personal pages.

So, if you are building your Facebook presence for your business, then you want to build the business page. It’s as simple as that. The key to success with any network is building it with as many people as possible.

While it can be difficult to get people to ‘like’ your Facebook page if they don’t know who you are, you can make the process a bit smoother when you provide quality content that they would find interesting. There’s a balance between being too forward and not posting enough.

Provide the Right Type and Amount of Content

No one wants spam; spam is that awful junk mail that you receive in the inbox of your email account. When it comes to Facebook, spam is basically when someone posts thirty different updates about the same topic. For example, if you wanted to share information about how to start a blog or web hosting, as it pertains to your blog, don’t publish the same post a dozen times a day.

Young businessmen and those desperate for sales or traffic to their sites tend to do this. What happens is that when you follow this practice, the people who ‘like’ your page will see all of those posts from you, cluttering up their main page, and won’t be able to sift through all the junk just to see what their friends have posted. When that happens, they tend to remove or block you.

If you get blocked, then nothing you post will be seen by that user and you’ve basically removed them from your network. Also, when a blog owner takes three months to post their next update, the people who are fans or like the business on Facebook will forget about it. There is a balance that needs to be established when posting updates for your website pages.

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The content also needs to be relevant. If you sell shoes, you don’t need to be posting about the latest political scandal in Washington. In fact, if you value your blog, don’t engage in political discussions at all, unless of course your business is in politics.

While personal networks of true friends on Facebook may have no problem sharing the latest stomach bug that they’ve contracted, your personal stuff doesn’t belong on your business page. It’s important to remember that you are a professional when it comes to this environment. If you don’t act professional, it will show and you will lose interest from your potential customers.

Interaction Is The Key

When you want to use Facebook to get more traffic and sales, interaction is the key word. You need to interact with the people who have taken the time to ‘like’ your business on Facebook. Whenever one of your followers posts something about your business, whether it’s a question or a comment, engage them. Answer the question or comment on their concern.

Do not dismiss these people. Customers today have more choices than ever before when it comes to where they will spend their money. They want to feel some connection to the other blog owners with whom they interact.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to write long tomes in response to every inquiry or comment. A quick line to acknowledge what they’ve written will do the trick. Just that one line will mean a world of difference to your potential customers.

Of course, you may find people posting inappropriate comments on your page. These don’t need to be acknowledged and should be removed as quickly as possible. If you feel that others might have seen the post, you can make a quick comment about the rudeness of others and leave it at that.

Don’t Oversell

As mentioned, it can be tempting to oversell your products and your business. Resist the temptation. As a blog owner, you want as many people to know about your blog, and even if you have a hundred products, it doesn’t mean you should post a hundred comments about them every day.

Limit yourself to five posts per day, at the most. One to two is ideal and will give the people who are following you just enough information to keep your blog in the front of their mind. Sharing information is also key.

Analyze Comments

Look at the comments that you receive. Do they tend to be positive or negative? When you begin to focus on these comments, you’ll be able to fine-tune your message about your blog, making it even stronger.

Also be on the lookout for people trying to poach customers away from you. Users will add links to their business and your customers might not realize that they’re being redirected away from you. Maintain control of your page every day.

Be Selfless

When it comes to success through Facebook, selflessness goes a long way. If you have some friends or fans on Facebook who are trying to spread the word about a good cause, share it for them. This will pay dividends.

Using Facebook to get more traffic and sales is simple when you follow these basic tenets and use common sense.

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