Images Look “Cut Off”

Images Look “Cut Off”

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If you’re having trouble with your images looking cut off, here are a few things to try…

If you find that your images look weird or chopped off in a slider, you are most likely using images that are too small or of the wrong dimensions.

All images need to be at least the full size of the slider. If the images have different aspect ratios than the slider settings, WP will scale & crop a copy of the image.

For the posts you want to feature in the slider, you’ll want to make sure to use images that are at least as wide and tall as the slider settings.

The best slider settings and image sizes will vary from theme to theme so just let us know if you need help determining the best image size for your site.

If you are already using images of the right size and dimensions, try “regenerating thumbnails” in the media browser. This will resize all of your current image thumbnails to match the setting in the slider. (You may need to do this when you change the settings in the slider or switch to a new theme.)

  1. Go to the Media Library
  2. Select List View
  3. Select all images
  4. Select Bulk Edit at the top and then Regenerate Thumbnails from the list
  5. Click Apply.

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