How To Retrieve Lost Post Or Page Content

How To Retrieve Lost Post Or Page Content

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I hope this never happens to you, but if it does, here’s a possible solution.

I switched to another computer to finish my blog post. I finished and went back to the first computer. Everything I did on the 2nd computer was gone! I’m a chronic saver and I saved the draft multiple times on both computers. Please tell me my lost text can be retrieved!

I suspect this is just a browser refresh issue. Make sure that when you switch computers that you SHIFT-RELOAD the page to make sure that it is pulling in the new data.

You can also, click on the post listing and completely re-open the post.

To avoid this type of issue, make sure that you close the post on the first computer before editing on the second computer.

Now… Have said that…

If you did leave the post open on the first computer, then make changes on the second computer, and the come back to the first computer and click “save” before reloading the post, you will lose your changes – temporarily…

There is a nifty little feature that you can use to get it back…

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post, you will see a box labelled “Revisions” – every time you save or the computer auto-saves, it is listed here. It only keeps the 5 latest revisions, but this is normally enough to recover recent changes.

If you don’t see “Revisions”…

1.) in the post editor, at the top right click “Screen Options”.
2.) That will expand a panel of items that can be displayed. In that panel, make sure “Revisions” is checked.
3.) Then you should see a section entitled Revisions lower down below the post editor.

See this screenshot with the 3 arrows for the items mentioned 

Now you should see them…