How To Create Your BlogPress Website

How To Create Your BlogPress Website

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Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s how to create your site on BlogPress… (only for Basic and Basic Plus customers)

  1. 1. Log In To Your User Portal

  2. 2. Click On “Create New Site”

    Create New Site

  3. 3. Enter The Site Title and Address

    The “Site Title” can use normal punctuation but must be less than 30 characters in length.

    My Awesome Blog
    Yoga Master Classes
    German Language For Dummies

    The “Site Address” but use ONLY lowercase numbers and letters. DO NOT use spaces or any special characters.
    DO NOT include the domain extension (.com, .net, .info) because we will give you a temporary domain.


    BlogPress: Create New Site

  4. 4. Click Submit To Create Your Site

    You will see the following confirmation message.

    Please note that we will install your FREE SSL certificate for you. This is normally very fast, but on rare occasions can take several hours for the SSL certificate to issue. During this time, you may disregard any security warnings that you may see.

    Create New Site Confirmation

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