BlogPress Vs. Web Hosting

BlogPress Vs. Web Hosting

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How is BlogPress better than a traditional web host like BlueHost or HostGator?

In one sentence… We are better because of our training and incredible personal support that you get. 

If you’re just looking for an old school web host, where you have to manage everything yourself, then BlogPress is probably not the best company for you.

However, if you’re looking for that extra level of support, service, & training, then BlogPress is the best at what we do. 

Here are 15 things BlogPress will do for you that other hosting companies won’t – or if they do, it costs extra – a lot extra…

15 Things BlogPress Does That Other Web Hosts Won’t

And this does not even include the free training and support you get with BlogPress :).

You will soon see how we’re really different AND better!

BlogPress provides the following services…

  1. Full-Service Blog Hosting (running on the WordPress platform – we install all of the updates, security patches, manage the databases, handle all of the caching and performance enhancements, etc.)
  2. We have already provided more than 150 premium themes so you will not need to purchase a theme. These are not free themes – they are highly customizable, professionally supported themes that we will be happy to customize for you – trying asking a traditional web host to do this for you.
  3. We’ve already installed (and will help you setup) the best plugins that you need to run your blog (email subscribe, social media, forms, custom text widgets, Google Analytics, and MANY more)
  4. We provide free training to all of our customers on both WordPress and how to create a successful blog.
  5. Our very knowledgeable support team is here to answer ALL of your blogging questions – not just keep your server up and running – I challenge you to ask any other hosting company and ask them these questions How to SEO optimize your posts? (BlogPress will)How often and which social media sites your should promote? (BlogPress will)Ask them to install your ad code for you or to help align the images in your post. (BlogPress will)Ask them to help you set up your email list and optin forms for your site. (BlogPress will)Ask them to set up and configure your site layout or customize the styles (colors, fonts, headings, etc.) (BlogPress will)

Here are the details:
What’s Included With My BlogPress Subscription?