15 Things BlogPress Does That Other Web Hosts Won’t

15 Things BlogPress Does That Other Web Hosts Won’t

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When it comes to service and support, no one is better than BlogPress.

Here are 15 things BlogPress will do for you that other hosting companies won’t – or if they do, it costs extra – a lot extra…

  1. Install and configure WordPress including regular updates – and test those updates to make sure they work!
  2. Support and training for all things WordPress – writing, images, media library, menus & navigation, categories, users
  3. Make sure that your blog is up to date, fast, and running the latest security software
  4. Purchase, install, and setup premium themes/designs for your site
  5. Search through 15,000 plugins to find the right ones for your blog that won’t crash your server
  6. Install, configure, and update those plugins
  7. Social Media Marketing – 5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan
  8. Email Marketing and Integration – Set up your email list and subscribe form.
  9. Recommend ad networks and place ad code on your blog – teach you how to make money with your blog
  10. Create and install contact forms (or other custom forms)
  11. Search Engine Optimization Tools are included for your website and content
  12. Server uptime monitoring – making sure that your blog is up and running
  13. Performing regular site backups so that you never lose the content
  14. Custom HTML and Style (.CSS) changes to your site
  15. CDN (Content Delivery Network) Integration for super-fast page loads – caching of images and files

And this does not even include the free training and support you get with BlogPress :).Start Blogging Now

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