7 wesentliche Elemente eines Killer-Marketing-Videos

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Many forms of media compete for peoples’ attention, but videos seem to be claiming the top spot in marketing because they’re engaging and fairly accessible. If you’re a brand-new blogger, small business owner, web designer, or just getting started with your website or blog, then you may want to take advantage of this article to improve the quality of your marketing videos. 

For a simple guide to create a killer marketing video, here are some essential elements worth considering:

1. Think About Your Audience

Always have your target audience in mind and think about what could motivate them to respond to your video. If you want to attract customers to your brand and command loyalty, you could tell them your story. If you’re searching for sign-ups or sales, you could establish your credential by showing that real customers recommend you or your brand. Just remember to keep it real.

2. Decide Who’ll Create The Marketing Video 

When it comes to who’ll create your marketing video, there are many options to consider. If you’re planning on doing your own shooting, you could start by trying out some free stock footage. This could help you get into the groove. If you’re a business owner, you could work with your in-house team. This has the obvious advantage of easy communication. If there’s a need to change your marketing strategy, you could easily do so. 

The downside to using an internal team is you may struggle to get the right expertise for your video needs. To avoid such hassles, you can work with an external professional team. This will likely come with various options for video production, including special effects, animation, and video direction. 

Teaming up with bloggers is another option worth considering. Bloggers can help attract a sizable audience for your videos. Also, another advantage of having these professionals is they’ll come with the best video editing software.

3. Conceptualize Your Content 

Next, you have to develop an idea about the content you’d want to convey in your marketing video. Also, set your goal for your video, which should be in line with your marketing strategy. You could consider the three stages in a buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. Your marketing video could do well if it had content for each of the three stages. 

At the awareness stage, you could make your audience realize that they have a potential problem. You could then address the problem by focusing on possible solutions. At this stage, you could consider content such as video guides, essential tips, and infographics.

At the consideration stage, people will usually be comparing various solutions to their problems. You could, therefore, create content like comparison videos or reviews. Finally, you could create content that gravitates peoples’ decisions towards the brand or platform your video is marketing at the decision stage. Here, you could create videos such as brand videos, testimonials from clients, or case studies.

4. Choose The Right Format

Your marketing video has to communicate your message in a relevant and engaging way. There are different types of marketing videos to think about, including the following:

  • Expert interviews. These are great when your content is educational or related to personal brand creation. The interview could be with an expert or thought leader. 
  • Guide videos. ‘How-to’ guides are also great for optimizing your marketing video as most people tend to search for such information. These kinds of videos may be useful for content relating to the awareness stage of marketing. 
  • Demos. These videos showcase products, and they demonstrate how they work. Demo videos are perfect for businesses that sell products. 
  • Unboxing videos. These are almost similar to demo videos, although they could be more natural. You could use such videos to showcase products in an informal and lighthearted way.
  • 360-degree videos. These videos are useful for showing products from different angles. They can be on a white or light background to focus attention on the item in the video.

5. Use The Right Platform

If you’d done your best to establish and set the goals for your marketing video, then it should be easy to identify the best platform for your targeted audience. The enhancements of technology have created many different platforms to share your videos on. Some platforms reach multiple demographics while others have targeted audiences.

6. Optimize Your Videos For Search Engines

Videos can also be optimized in search engines for better online rankings. To ensure your videos are optimized, you could try the following:

  • Use relevant keywords. These may help your audience find your content easily when they search online. Just don’t overburden the video with text. 
  • Optimize the video title. Using at least five keywords closer to the beginning of the video title may help create an organically optimized text.
  • Have video description. Use concise descriptions of up to 250 words. 
  • Ensure audience retention. Comments, likes, subscriptions, and transitions to another video could help your video rank higher.

7. Distribute The Video Content

Come up with a suitable strategy for distributing your video content. Distribution platforms for marketing videos include owned media such as your social media accounts, blogs, websites, or emails. These have the big advantage of being free, but they may not be as credible as earned media. Earned media includes reviews, mentions, social shares, and reposts. 

Finally, you could consider paid media, including pay-per-click (PPC), sponsorships, influencers, and affiliates. The benefit of paid media is you’re in control and you can moderate your audience’s activity. However, it could be expensive and may have poor results.

To Recap

If pictures are said to speak a thousand words, imagine the power of videos. To create killer marketing videos, you have to come up with goals for your video content, create the best content to appeal to your targeted audience, get the right people to do the video, then use the right distribution channel. Good luck with your marketing video!

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