8 Content Marketing Tips To Create Content Your Readers Want To Share On Social Media

In this article, we’ll share 8 quick content marketing tips that you can start using today.

The Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, defines content marketing thusly:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Producing short articles with videos and graphics offer you a chance to showcase your expertise in a location and establish yourself as an authority. If your products aren’t on topic, you run the risk of losing your audience and any possibility of making posts viral.

One way to get ahead of the crowd is by producing engaging content your audience loves and wants to share. A few essential things you can focus on will increase the chances of your digital properties going viral.

1. Provide REAL Value To Your Readers

First and foremost, your content must provide actual value to your readers. This is the best content marketing advice that you will find anywhere!

Even if you’re hitting all the other points below, but your content does not help the reader solve their specific problem or answer their particular question, then it will not be read nor shared.

2. Write Thorough, High-Quality Articles

In the past, content marketing was easy. Websites generated a great deal of traffic by throwing up 300-word posts targeting specific keywords with a catchy headline.

This type of article is known as “Link Bait.”

Google and other search engines make money by sending their traffic to highly relevant and helpful content. Therefore, they figured out these lazy keyword hacks and made their algorithms more rigid. Today, if you want free traffic from search engines, you must produce informative content that provides real value to your readers.

Cover each topic thoroughly.

Search for your topics on Google and look in the “People Also Ask” area at the bottom to make sure you’re addressing all the concerns your target market has.

Next, review the top 10 articles on your topic.

  • What did they cover that you are missing?
  • How can you add your perspective to make the content better?
  • What did your competitors not cover that you can add to your content to make it even better?

Today, getting into the top search results truly is a game of ‘one-upping’ your competition in quality and usability.

If you want to outsource, make sure to employ quality writers in your native language.

You might be able to get a post composed very cheaply by someone in a foreign country, but this is the fastest way to derail your content marketing efforts. Articles written by non-native speakers will not have the flow of a similar one composed by an English-first-language speaker. When it concerns written content, you really do “get what you pay for.”

More Blog Writing Tips:

3. Tell A Story To Better Engage Your Readers

Since the begging of time, people have loved to hear an excellent story. Your task with your content, no matter what medium it takes, is to get the reader and keep them captivated from the heading to the last sentence of your post.

Your unique perspective on a subject is what makes it special. If you do not have a particular example that highlights your thoughts, seek a case study or story from your clients to weave into the other content. It paints a mental picture for readers, but it also keeps them keeping reading to find out how the story ends.

4. Edit Like Crazy, And Then Do It Again!

In addition to employing quality writers or discovering to be one yourself, you need to have at least one other individual modify posts for typos and circulation. Make sure to watch out for common mistakes, such as comma usage, repeated phrases, and run-on sentences.

No matter how experienced an author is, there is typically a typo or two in their work. A good editor catches these errors, repairs keyword issues, and makes sure whatever appears in an aesthetically pleasing method.

We use and love Grammarly!

In addition, the white space between paragraphs can impact how skimmable a short article is. Editors try to find long sentences and paragraphs, breaking them into more manageable pieces. They might likewise include bullet bulleted lists to make huge blocks of text more understandable.

5. Select Relevant Images To Provide Value To Your Content

The Nielson Norman Group reports in eye-tracking research studies that individuals tend to skip right over stock-type images. However, these same individuals will stop and inspect important content such as images of specific things or genuine people. Therefore, if you want people to stay interested and pay attention to your content, usage images that pull them in.

Not just will they pay closer attention to the pictures, but social media is also a visual medium. When individuals share your content, the images might be the first impression people have as they search their feed.

Another method to grab attention is by taking notice of patterns in the world and our industry. A little plant nursery may do well to tap into occasions for Earth Day and utilize pertinent hashtags to draw attention to its brand.

Be sensitive here, though. Some events are rather tragic, and if it appears you try to capitalize on them rather than help people, your reputation might suffer. Be sensitive to feelings, and do not attempt to benefit from someone else’s discomfort or fear. Be an excellent person, and you’ll benefit from the effort.

Some businesses spend as much as 50% of their budget plan working with significant social media influencers for content marketing help. Reaching out to popular influencers who already have followers in your target market supplies you with many advantages.

First, they are very familiar with the desires of their audience. They can work closely with you to establish a content calendar that makes the most sense for their followers while providing your brand tons of exposure.

You’ll likewise acquire the advantage of somebody well-respected talking up your product or service. Individuals will focus and be more likely to share posts.

8. Have A Conversation And Get Feedback From Your Readers

Don’t simply publish an image of your brand-new item arrivals. Produce chances for better discussion. For example, posture a question such as what color they like best in the new XYZ device. Ask readers to share pictures of them using your products or to share stories about your services. Then host a contest where the winner gets a fantastic reward.

In addition, you’ll want to chime in with your thoughts as they post images, share their posts, and engage users.

In Conclusion

Creating content that gets shared isn’t simple. You have to do your homework and put a great deal of thought and effort into perfecting your prose if you want your content marketing efforts to be successful.

However, it is definitely worth the extra effort in the long run because you’ll create a loyal following and also bring in brand-new followers and customers through the process.

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