Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to email marketing, if you can get your email viewed by the recipient, you’ve won half the battle. The field of email marketing is rapidly growing, but is very unpredictable, so learning from other people’s mistakes is key to fixing problems and improving the process. The market is full of turn-offs and anyone can easily be blocked. Ensure that you aren’t making the below mistakes, so that people will actually read the messages you send.


It’s critical for recipients to recognize the sender, or they’ll click “delete” quicker than you can type a subject line! The mistake that senders tend to make is making all sorts of changes or formatting the sender’s identity. The recipient may not recognize the sender and immediately delete it or send it to junk mail without opening it. If this is or was a potential customer, you’ve lost their business.

It’s crucial to have an interesting message and ensure that the subject is consistent with the body as well. Mumble jumbles and confusing messages will result in confusion and a loss of interest. The end result will be a message categorized as spam or junk mail.

Email Marketing System

A lot of senders lack an appropriate or professional email service provider. As such, they’re stuck with irregularities and inappropriate results. Without a professional email marketing system, the chance of poor results is extremely high. Technically, the poor results produced are similar to those mistakes from actual spammers.


Email marketers often forget to review and learn from message statistics. Keeping up with and understanding feedback such as open rates, click rates, delivery rates, and unsubscribe rates is crucial. Keeping track of frequency of mailings, recipients, and active/inactive customers allows you to keep up with your communication strategy. Regular upkeep enables one to figure out what mistakes are being made and then correct or improve them.

Lack of Personalization

Sending messages that lack personalization can result in the loss of interest and are a complete turn off. The purpose of personalization is to build some kind of a relationship, however slight. Impersonal messages tend to be generic, fake, and/or spammy. Most readers will quickly come to think that you or your offer are rip-offs or frauds. A well-structured message with early calls to action can be enticing.

No Testing

A very common mistake is to forget to test an email prior to sending a message. Yes, it can be time-consuming, but the time and effort are worth it. Messages filled with errors or inaccuracies are a turn off and will do you no favors. At best, you look unprofessional, and at worst, you look like spam.

Understanding and being aware of the most common email marketing mistakes your business makes is crucial for the success of your business. One can react positively and learn from them with efforts for improvement. It’s imperative to research and invest in the time to make a quality product.

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