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There are considerably many more bloggers today than there were, say, probably five years ago. And they rake in thousands of dollars in blog revenue. I’m sure that makes you wonder – What have they done differently to make their blog successful? 

To begin with, it’s never ‘one size fits all’ in the ad tech world. Collective techniques like churning out regular content in various formats and focusing on quality make for a successful blog, but that’s not all. It’s equally important to monetize this content efficiently, and most bloggers do this via ads. Digital advertising brings in a major chunk of a blogger’s revenue, and if you are one, it’s only wise to place them strategically on your website to make the most of them. How does one do that? In this day and age, the most preferred medium to plug in ads on your blog would be through an ad platform that brings something unique to the table for both advertisers and publishers. And if I’m asked to select one amongst the many ad networks in the ecosystem, I’d recommend has been in the ad tech space for over a decade now and has made a solid name for itself. This ad platform offers exclusive search advertising budgets worth over $6 billion from the Yahoo-Bing Network, which absolutely no other ad platform can offer. It has made its mark in the industry by monetizing around 500,000+ websites worldwide and works with a solid clientele including Forbes, WebMD, Good Housekeeping, and Reuters.

But that’s not all. Here are some other features that can help increase your existing blog revenue. I hope this helps you decide if should be your go-to ad network.

Contextual Ads Powered by Best-in-Class Technology

Contextual has been the buzzword of the ad tech space for quite sometime now. Ads that are relevant to your audience definitely attract more clicks and an upswing in revenue. Also, with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA around, collecting and leveraging user data has become a major concern – you need to find an ad platform that works in accordance with these laws and not around them. This is where has an edge over other ad platforms.’s proprietary contextual tech analyses the content of a webpage draws context from it displays these ads to a hyper-relevant audience and guarantees higher RPMs. With continuous support from the account management team, contextual ads by this ad platform are one of the prime reasons why you must partner with them.

Customizable Ad units

Most of the time when your audience sees an ad that isn’t visually appealing, they won’t interact with it and may even choose to move on from the page. ensures that their contextual ads do not interrupt user experience- thanks to native ad units that blend in well with your website’s aesthetics. As these ads are non-intrusive, chances of clicks and conversions are much higher. ads are customizable to a T. There are many ad formats that can be tapped into including desktop interstitial ads, in-content ads, mobile docked ads, and below-the-article ads and with a single line of code, you can run relevant ads that are responsive across platforms and devices. 

The WordPress Plugin 

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most preferred content management platforms for bloggers worldwide. This was reason enough for to create an exclusive plug-in for WordPress sites.’s Ad Manager WordPress plugin makes deploying ads easy and intuitive for publishers. This plug-in lets you: 

  • Turn on ads in the most popular and effective placements
  • Get controls such as ad customization for size and layout
  • Get access to an in-built debug for ad troubleshooting 
  • Track revenue via detailed reports
  • Edit your HTML code or move out of your WordPress Admin panel

WordPress Mastery Video Course

The WordPress Mastery Video Course for beginners is the easiest way to learn how to use WordPress to easily build your own beautiful blog or website.

Detailed Reporting with Greater Control 

One great aspect of partnering with is the PubConsole, its extremely publisher-friendly dashboard. The PubConsole lets you create and take ad units live almost instantly. The detailed visual reports let you detect blog revenue and impression trends to track ad unit performance, so that you can make timely optimization decisions. 

What’s also great is that you can manage your blog’s ads.txt from within the dashboard so that you don’t miss out on any premium demand. When it comes to understanding publisher needs, is surely one step ahead of the competition. Complements Other Ad Networks’s uniqueness is not just limited to its exclusive ad demand sources. It is also one of the few networks that is compatible with other ad platforms. If you already work with an ad platform and want to experiment with a new one without disrupting your current set-up, then ads powered by are for you.


I hope this blog was helpful. Considering factors like your audience and the type of content you want to serve, you can make your blog a viable source of income. However, it’s equally important to monetize your blog with the right ad platform to boost your blog earnings. If you wish to see an upswing of almost 1.5-4x in your current revenue, I recommend you give a shot!

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