Recommended Blog Ads – Types And Placements

In this article, you'll learn how to get started making money on your blog. The first step of that is understanding where and how to place ads on your blog. Here are our recommendations.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get started making money on your blog. The first step of that is understanding where and how to place ads on your blog.

There are basically 3 types of advertisements that you can put on your blog.

Types Of Ads To Place On Your Blog

Text Link Ads

A text link is a few words with a hyperlink that goes to a product or service that you are promoting. This is not the same thing as selling an SEO text link to someone – don’t ever do that! This is recommending a product or service and then linking to it. You can place the link in your regular content, a product review, or other type of content.

I don’t recommend placing text link ads in your sidebar because this will result in a link from every page on your blog to that product or service. This can be bad for SEO if the other site gets dinged in any way – that bad blood will come back to you!

Banner Ads

A banner (or image) ad is simply an image that when clicked, takes the user to a recommended product or service.

Network Ad Script

The is a piece of code that you place on your website. You get this code from the ad network that you are signed up to like Google Adsense. This script code reserves a place on your website that will be populated with ads served up from the network.

This can also include your own ad server that you manage yourself like Google’s DFP – we’ll save the how-to on that one for later – once you’ve gotten through this first 90 days.

Recommended Ad Placement

Google Adsense Recommendations

Here is a heat map published by the Google Adsense team on the best ad placements. (White is worst. Bright orange is bets.)

Ad Placement heat map

My Recommendations

Here are the locations and ad types that I have personally gotten excellent results from on my blogs – in order of highest clickthrough.

  1. 300×250 image ad at the top right within the content of my posts
  2. 300×250 image ad in the sidebar – top right (note that I do not have left sidebars on my blogs)
  3. A bulleted list of text links at the bottom of post content
  4. Text links within the text of my posts
  5. 300×250 image ad in the sidebar – top right (2nd position)

Ad Placement

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