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Most marketers know that excellent images and design are essential when creating e-books, case studies, website content, presentations, or other marketing materials. Still, they can easily underestimate the importance of adding pictures to blog posts.    

For a long time, the word “content” was almost synonymous with “copy.”

However, the content is not just a copy; it is everything that is transmitted, including the photos on the blog. 

In this context, it is clear that modern blogs’ text and picture search are a complete and interrelated combination. Let’s take a look at the benefits of creating articles with text and images on a blog.  

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Why Add Pictures To BlogPosts?

There are many reasons why blog images can add interest to the content of a website. 

Here are a few main reasons why adding pictures to blog posts are a good idea:

Blog image + Copy = Wider network

Some people are more visual-centric than others, so they prefer image search to words. By embedding images with a picture finder for your blog, you have the opportunity to attract the attention of visual thinkers and direct them to your content and messages. 

Blogs with too much copyright or no images at all will not attract that audience, which will limit the scope and effectiveness of your efforts to treat text and images in blog posts as separate entrances to the building.

Then, remember that you only have a few seconds to get people’s attention through your blog. If you only give them one ticket, then only a small number of individuals will attract your attention in a short time. 

However, if you open the second door, you can expand your reach by allowing more people to enter.

Build a more comprehensive network for your blog and image search, so your blog can work together.

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Using multi-sensory methods

You cannot assume that everyone who reads your blog will get information in the same way. Even the best marketers may use different learning methods. With this in mind, please design your blog so that it attracts people’s attention with multiple senses.  

A blog usually contains an infographic accompanied by an image to enhance the central part of the blog in a visual format. These blog images are generally easier to share on social media, and no one needs to click on your blog to promote your brand. 

Infographics prove the benefits of using image search on your blog.  

However, If you own a blog and frequently use images, your photos can be copied and used by others. 

To prevent this, use a service like They show you when and where your pictures are on the Internet with or without your permission. 

In this way, you can decide whether reuse is legal and appropriate or whether you need to take serious action against it.

Adding images to blog posts creates a visual pause
See how this image grabs your attention?

Creating Visual Pauses

Even those who prefer text can appreciate pauses in a sea of ​​text and images. However, this does not mean that photos need to be added just for the sake of having a picture; the content and location of the image should be meaningful. 

Good blog images can give people a break from reading, but they should never give people a break from your content or posts. You must continue the journey and keep the “reader” moving. Using photos on your blog instead of linking to your information may do more harm than good. 

However, it can be beneficial to use blog images that emphasize the main points or explain the information clearly.

Maximize Communication

Tell the truth; some ideas are presented or communicated with better visual effects than written words. Rather than explaining things too hard in a lengthy and detailed email, it is better to take advantage of the simplicity and power provided by image search. 

Don’t be so involved in providing a specific type of communication that you ignore other people and forget the real purpose of that communication.  

Each communication medium has its advantages. 

For example, consider television and radio. Even after a few decades, TV has never eliminated hyphens and text, but it uses its visual characteristics to improve your communication skills.   

The concept of moving the reader forward is essential and can help to select and find photos.  

Improve the SEO of your blog

Using images on your blog can improve the SEO ranking of blog posts is not new in itself. 

However, some recent changes in Google indicate that the weight of image search that can appear in search rankings may only increase. 

One of the’s changes is Google Lens, which allows people to take photos with mobile devices and access other content related to image content. 

The other is the separation of Google image data from general data in Google Analytics.  

Although these features are not specifically for blog content, they all emphasize the importance of visual content to Google at a high level. 

Ultimately, to get the most impact from your content, don’t forget to add images!

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