WordPress: How To Add Categories To Your Blog

Here's how to add categories to your blog and a few tricks for setting them up the right way. (Video Tutorial)
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Categories are critical to your blog both for SEO and user navigation. You want both your visitors and the search engines to easily find their way around and to know what your blog is about at a glance.

Here’s how to add categories to your blog.

Tips & Tricks For Setting Up Your Categories

  • Start with 3-5 categories that support your main topic
  • Create subcategories if you need to get more specific
  • Keep the category names short (1-2 words)
  • Make sure to include your main topic word or phrase in the categories where it fits (don’t force it)

Example Category Structure

Here’s an example for a blog about dogs…

  • Categories
  • Sub-categories

Here’s the example…

  • Dog Breeds
    • German Shepherds
    • Poodles
    • Yorkies
  • Dog Food
    • Traditional Dog Food
    • Raw Diets
    • Natural Treats
  • Dog Training
    • Puppy Training
    • Aggression Issues
    • Leash Walking

Categories Video Tutorial

[wpmudev-video video=”categories”]

How To Add Categories To Your Blog

  1. From Your Blog Dashboard, Select Posts->Categories
  2. Enter the name of the Category (1-2 words maximum as this will be displayed in your navigation menu)
  3. Optionally enter the “Slug” (or browser friendly version of the category name). This will be generated for you if you leave this blank.
  4. Optionally select the “Parent” category. To create Categories (parent categories) and Subcategories (child categories) as shown in the example above, make sure to select the parent from the “Parent” dropdown list. NOTE: The parent category must be created first.
  5. You can enter a description for the category here. Most blog themes do not display this information, but some do. 🙂
  6. Click “Add New Category”

Now that you’ve added some categories to your blog, it’s time to set up the Menus & Navigation.

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