8 Tips For Choosing And Registering A Good Domain Name

How To Start A Blog: Get A Custom Domain Name

Whether you have a new online business or want to start your own blog, you will need a domain name. A domain name is what identifies you online and you want to consider many aspects of creating a domain name to help ensure success online.

To come up with a good domain name that fits your business well, you will need to make many thoughts and considerations. This is the first step to establishing a presence online, whether it is a personal presence or a professional one. 

Your domain name is the first impression your visitors and future customers will have of your business or website. A good domain name makes a lasting impression on visitors and usually brings them back along with others. Your domain is quite important as it is fixed and defines your brand. It also affects your presence and relevancy on different searches. Your SEO ranking depends partially on how relevant your domain name is. To make sure you create something successful, consider these tips for choosing and registering your domain name.

1. Keep It Simple And Short

It is always beneficial to keep things simple in many areas of life, but it is especially important for domain names and online businesses. Make sure those that want to search you can do so easily. You want to provide something that is easy to type and find on the web. Make sure your spelling is clear to make it easy to find your site. Domain names with slang or misspellings can affect your online success. 

Make sure it isn’t too long, as well. Long domain names are more difficult to remember and you want people to remember your website. Keep it short to make sure those looking for you aren’t misspelling or mistyping your domain name. Your domain name isn’t the same thing as your web address. Your web address will usually be longer due to the fact they consist of extra numeric or alphabetic characters and are difficult to remember.

2. Keywords Are Beneficial

Make sure to incorporate keywords in your domain name. Keywords are important because they will bring the right person to your site. When someone searches for something specific on the web using keywords, it can be linked back to your website if your domain name contains those keywords. 

Use words that describe your business and relates to what you are doing on your website. If you are starting a blog you can include what your blog is about in the name. For example, if you want your blog to be about travel you would include that in your domain name and the same goes for fitness, cooking, and other topics. 

3. Localize Your Domain Name

Localizing your domain name can help your website get seen faster. When you target your area you are making it easier for locals to find your website and business. It will also make it easier for your visitors to remember your website. Placing geographical domain extensions to your domain name is beneficial for those who want to stay local. 

4. Get An Appropriate Extension

Make sure you have the appropriate website extension for your business or blog. Extensions are suffixes at the end of the domain name like .com or .net. They are all different and have different purposes. Though .com is the most popular web address extension, you can come across difficulties when trying to find a short domain name due to it being around for so long and so many web addresses using it. 

There are other useful domain extensions that have specific meanings. For example, if you are building a website for a company, you can use either .co or .biz, depending on your specific business type. Some extensions have a higher reputation and are more credible, like .net and .org. Informational websites use the .info extension and those with blogs can use .me for access to a shorter domain name. There are also some rather new high-level generic extensions that are great for registering domain names with relevancy and a short length. 

They include: 

  • .app
  • .photography
  • .guru
  • .nyc

5. Avoid Numbers And Special Characters

Try to avoid putting numbers and special characters in your domain name as it can complicate the process of someone trying to find you online. Numbers are also confusing and can be misconstrued for either being spelled out or a numerical figure. Sometimes these types of characters get left out because they can either take more effort to type or are forgetful. If it is absolutely necessary for your business or blog that you include numbers of special characters, make sure to register different variations of your web domain to be safe. 

6. A Good Domain Name Is Easy To Remember

You want to be memorable to create a successful presence online. To make that happen you can either make your name a catchy one or something unique and out of the ordinary. Make sure it sounds appealing and clear as well.

7. Find A Reputable Domain Registry

To register your domain name, you must find a good registrar to complete the process. While some are more popular than others, you still want to make sure that you have your domain registered with a good registrar. Your domain is your brand name and you want to make sure it is rightfully yours. 

Usually, these registries are capable of guiding you through the entire process, from creating a domain to registering it. Some even go to the extent of helping you build your website through their service. This is especially beneficial to those that will struggle with the start of their new website. You also want to act fast because domain names are taken quickly. 

8. Control Your Online Identity

When you have a presence online, you have to maintain it. Consider purchasing similar domains to yours so that you are protecting your brand. You want to prevent other competitors from purchasing a domain name similar to yours to help drive traffic to your website. You want those who search for you to get to your website even if they misspell it or mistype your domain name. 

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