7 Ways To Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

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When you complete a blog post, you review it before publishing, and finally hit the publish button, the next thing you hope is to get a number of people who share your blog post on the various social media networks.

Are you a little worried about your content’s social media sharing?

Do you think your content deserves more sharing?

If yes, you’re not alone, people are out there who always struggle to get social sharing. They try to write well, they come up with great ideas, and they give days to write a detailed post, which is why I thought to work on this and find some solutions to improve the social media shareability.

I’m going to tell you that how you would increase your content sharing.

Well, let’s get started.

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Before I tell you those 7 awesome solutions to increase your social media shareability, I would like you to make sure that you know these four elements that make content really shareable:

In-depth and Detailed – There is no guarantee of success if you content isn’t in-depth and detailed. Consider the fact that you’re not alone who is working in the niche, people are always there to set the competition, and maybe some of them are really good. So if you want to nail it, create irresistible and unavoidable content.

Written with the Purpose – Keep the goals and intentions in your mind while creating your content. Try to help out people and deliver the best you can. The bloggers’ ultimate goal should be solving the readers problem or giving them the world’s best advice.

Easy to Understand – Don’t make your reasoning similar to Physics class. Keep that rocket science away for a second and think about an average reader. Write real easy and understandable content.

Data driven – One of the most important factors of a great content is that it is backed by the data. It means you have to make sure that you add proper references and researches from the credible sources in order to justify your standpoint.

Once you apply these key elements in your content, you’re almost ready to take off.

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Here Are 7 Ways To Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

#1 – Precise Article Title

The article title is one of the most important elements of the article or blog post structure. It’s the area where the blog post engagement begins. From search engines to social media to direct visitor, everyone wants to save time, cut the crap, and read the best piece.

So, if you have great ideas for your content, you better put the creative and super-exciting headline for your article to avoid the readers slip. That way, you would be able to stop the people who will be ready to get off the blog within the next few second. A Hubspot article tells us that 55% visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website.

This Eyequant article reveals that any website has only a few seconds to grab the attention of the visitor — It means if the website/blog is successful in engaging the visitor through any mean, he would stay, otherwise, he is gone.

The Hubspot Blog Topic Generator and ContentIdeator are blog post ideas generators which help you to create awesome blog post titles.

#2 – A Decent Blog Layout

There could be many other factors such as an in-depth content, the writing skill, or a funny idea which might lead a reader to share the blog post on social media.

That being said, the blog design plays a vital role in the decision making of the reader to share the content. A beautiful theme might say ‘YES’ to your sub-conscious mind to share the content, and then you start realizing to sharing the content.

That cognitive process often begins after taking a look at the blog or website’s design. A better website design avoids the visitors to go off the hook. It means that your blog design tries to keep the connection intact with the visitors. It could be the psychology of colors or maybe the overall design.

The importance of visual appearance of websites certainly makes a website or blog’s content shareable on the social media. It’s true that a reader would only share the article which he/she would like, and that liking would have a small portion based on the blog layout design. This article on the CrazyEgg blog also emphasized the importance of the better website designs.

#3 – An Appealing Featured Image

The featured image is that part of the article which a reader may look at before opening the article or start reading the article – and, most of the times the featured image comes at the top of the article, so either a reader lands from organic search channel or any other mean, he is likely to look at the featured image being displayed at the top of the article.

It has been observed that  the reader certainly looks at the top image of the blog post, probably because it explains a lot. It might help you to understand:

  • The caliber of the blog owner
  • The perception of the writer
  • The core message behind the topic
  • The level of quality of the content

Use Canva tool to create those featured images for your blog post. The buffer’s Pablo tool is a clear example of the importance of images in social sharing. Pablo is basically an image sharing online tool which helps you to add a text on the images to share on Twitter and Facebook. Buffer’s chrome plugin helps you to share content as well as images  on social media sites.

Mitch Meyerson describes five qualities of a shareable image in his entrepreneur.com article. According to Mitch, the image content should be Original, Timely published, Relevant, Snackable, and Drives traffic.

And, I agree with him.

WordPress plugins like Quick Featured Images and Dynamic Featured Image also help bloggers to get their hands on the featured image functionality.

#4 – Engaging Subheadings

You would have to admit that subheadings play a big role in the engagement of readers. Your content doesn’t get shared on the social media if readers aren’t engaged, and one of the ways to attract and engage the readers is by writing such subheadings that make content easy-to-understand.

Simple, clear, and concise subheadings definitely help any blogger or content creator to deliver his/her message to the audience which ultimately affects the content shareability.

This article backs my point on the subheading and engagement of the blog post. It’s written by Saul Edmonds and he discussed subheading tactics to increase engagement.

Others argue that your headings shouldn’t be telling the whole story – it’s a bit different point of view, but worth reading. The author believes that if your headlines tell everything about the whole content, the readers might skim your article and soak the juice without reading the whole story.

Well, that happens. Readers always scan the article, but it doesn’t mean that we create such a blog post title and subheadings that become hard to understand.

Do you Remember?

This article’s first point was based on the clarity of article title.

#5 – Short Paragraphs

If you want readers to walk away from your blog post without sharing or even reading the whole blog post, then write long paragraphs…

I’m sure you won’t do that… Please don’t!

The short paragraphs keep the readers in the loop because they are a bit more engaging than long paragraphs. It’s the writer’s way of expressing the ideas or telling the story which stops them from going off the hook.

This blog post on Struto verifies this point of keeping the paragraphs short. Not only does it emphasize on short paragraphs, but also tells us to keep the sentences short.

The short paragraphs directly influence the understandability of the readers. When readers find a piece well-written, understandable, and thought-provoking, they love to share it with friends on social media.

Henneke of EnchantingMarketing, wrote a fantastic article on web content which reveals great copywriting tips. She also believes that short paragraphs are necessary to keep the readers onboard. She believes that readers are lazy, and we have to be ready to serve them accordingly.

Darren Rowse of Problogger.net also mentioned about short paragraphs of blog post in his Podcast (episode #35) which authenticates my viewpoint. 

#6 – Social Media Sharing Tools

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of sharing buttons. One of the reasons people share your content is, the availability of those social sharing buttons somewhere on your blogs and websites. These social media sharing buttons provide an ease to share the content on their favorite social media networking sites.

Everyone knows what do these sharing buttons do.

You will find a bunch of services such as Addthis, Sharethis, AddtoAny, and Shareholic to use for content sharing on your blogs and websites.

There is a bit psychological impact of adding those social sharing widgets on the sidebars and under the blog posts because these buttons remind people to share the content with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Marketers and Digital Marketing Experts believe that social sharing stats on these social media buttons work at a social proof of the content’s popularity.

CoSchedule created an infographic based on The New York Time Insight Group’s study on social sharing which reveals some valuable reasons of sharing the content with others. It shows that people share content or information on social media for Entertainment, Defining themselves, Building Relationships, Self-Fulfillment, and Supporting the cause.

#7 – A Problem Solving Write-up

That’s the fact. Your content must be full of answers and solutions. Sometimes people don’t share because they want to share with their friends, they actually share because they get excited to find something really useful, and ultimately some friends also get benefit from that sharing.

It’s a proven strategy that whenever you will produce a really useful and healthy content for your niche marketing and target audience, it will be appreciated and liked because people want solutions. So be the solution maker.

This online tutoring website helps students to find their online tutors and their blog represents that tutoring strategy.

Elegant Themes is a Premium WordPress themes company and their blog publishes WordPress guides and tutorials to help the WordPress audience. This is exactly what they should be doing.

When you feed your audience the exact same thing that they want to eat up, you will start getting social sharing and popularity.

Have you noticed why blogs like Social Media Examiner and Copyblogger get so much sharing?

They get hundreds of shares on each article because their content is worth it.

Lee Carnihan described the great web content in his presentation and wrote a problem solver as one of the features of the great web content. So it shows that the great content solves readers’ problems.

The blog post from SurveyMonkey discussed the importance of customer care and its improvement tactics. At the end of the blog post the author emphasized that you must have social sharing buttons to let the customers thank you publicly.

Hence, it has been seen that the content which serves people and make things easier for readers, always gets appreciated, liked, and shared.

What’s your plan?

The creation of such a content is certainly possible. We’ve seen people doing it for years. They are serving readers and getting rewards.

The difference between them and many of the ‘strugglers’ is, they’ve taken a step ahead of others to create in-depth, targeted, organized, and helpful content, and ultimately people started getting benefit out it.

What else would you do to make your content shareable?

Share with our readers, they will love it.

About The Author

Hassaan Khan is a blogger and content creator. He helps businesses on content strategy. He writes his personal blog on content marketing. He loves his dog ‘Milo’ and wants to travel to Finland. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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