7 Easy Tips To Create Shareable Content For Social Media

Social Media - How to Create Shareable Content

Just like your blog needs to look amazing on all devices, especially mobile devices, your content needs to be something that people want to share on social media, and you need to make it brain-dead simple for them to share it.

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5-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

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Here are 7 easy tips that you can use right now to create shareable content to get more traffic from social media.

1. Write An Engaging Title For Your Blog Post

Remember, the title is the promise of what’s to come, so it needs to be clear, concise, and give readers a reason to click through and keep reading. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of potential readers.

If you can’t catch their attention right away, they’re gone!

Recommended: 10 Killer Blog Headlines You Should Be Using Right Now.

2. Make Sure Your Blog Looks Good On All Devices

Responsive Web DesignYou may create incredible content and do everything else right, but if your blog is not mobile friendly, you will lose the SEO game. Use a simple, clean design from a reputable company like .

Also, don’t use crazy colors. I love this article from Neil Patel on the best colors to use on your website to get more conversions: How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions.

3. Include Lots Of Images In Your Content

First and foremost is the featured image. This is the image that is shown at the top of your blog and is the most likely image to get shared on social media. Make sure that the image represents what the post is all about and interesting enough to get readers to click through.

I use and highly recommend a fantastic tool called Stencil to quickly and easily create all of the totally shareable images you see in my blog posts. It will even let you share pictures straight to social media from the tool.

It takes a little more effort, but I recommend taking the extra time to create 2 versions of your images. Make one for your article and a second image with a call-to-action to share on social media.

4. Make Your Content Skimmable With Interesting Subheadings

Think about it? We all scroll across the content on our phone at blazing speeds, and it’s only when something catches our eye, that we stop and actually read or watch it. Most of the time that content will be a picture and or a large, exciting headline (or subheading.)

Create subheadings that clearly describe the contents of each section. They should be tips, suggestions, how to, etc. Your subheading should provide the answers that the reader is looking for.

Use lots of subheadings. I recommend that you never have more than 3 short paragraphs between subheadings.

5. Use Tons Of Whitespace In Your Content

Long, hard to read paragraphs with tiny text is a guaranteed way to lose your readers. Make sure to include lots of paragraph breaks to force more whitespace into your content. This may go against everything you learned in traditional writing classes. But this is not traditional writing, it’s blogging and social media.

The goal of blogging and social media is to keep your readers engaged and to keep their eyes moving down the page. In addition to being scannable, your content should be easy to digest in small bite-sized chunks.

6. Add Social Media Sharing Tools To Your Blog And In Your Content

Don’t be afraid to promote your content! Add sharing buttons to your site and to each article at the top and bottom of the article. NOTE: I do not recommend adding these buttons to your article listing pages (like category and tags pages) because it will make your blog look cluttered.

Also,  don’t forget to ask your readers to follow you on social media and to share your content. You’ll be surprised how many will be happy to support you!

I use and love Social Warfare to add the social sharing options that you see on BlogPress.

7. Tips, Tricks, And Answers Get Shared More

Your goal must be to help other people succeed. When you solve a problem or give a pro tip, people want to share those things!

When there’s a product, service, or piece of information that you find truly useful, don’t you want to share it?

Add an image or video to that information, and watch your social shares go through the roof!

Seriously, the coolest thing I learned this year was to put an apple in with your box of potatoes in the pantry to keep them from sprouting! I tell everyone I know about this neat little trick.

Put an apple in with your box of potatoes to keep them from sprouting
Found this cool little trick on Life Hacker…
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