5 Advanced Marketing Strategies Which Can Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Over the last few years, businesses and companies have enhanced brand awareness, revenue, and also increased conversion rates via written content released to their audience and targeted customers. In addition, research shows that blog writing is the most efficient marketing strategy for 55% of surveyed marketing professionals.

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So, what do bloggers need to improve their written content and attract more audiences?
Game of SERPS suggests that creating and maintaining a successful blog is important for building a good business reputation. 

Thus, here are five effective marketing strategies to get more traffic for your blogs.

1. Understand Your Users

Before starting a blog, it’s important to research your audience to find out what they want to read. You can start by finding out the average age of your readers, their educational background, and how much they know about the content in your blog.

The following questions could guide you before starting to write your blog:

  • Who’s in your audience?
  • How can you help them?
  • What sort of content do they need to read?

Answers to these questions will help you in creating better content.

2. Do Keyword Research

A technique used by SEO experts and good content creators is called ‘keyword research.’ This technique helps to find specific texts and sentences that users search on Google or other search engines. Usually, beginners try to rely on their guesses when they’re writing blogs, but this strategy isn’t fruitful at all.

If you’re using this best-guess strategy, then the articles on your blog won’t do well on search engines because no one will be looking for the keywords you used. Expert digital marketers recommend using an advanced strategy: proper keyword research tools. To find actual terms people are searching for when they go online, these tools will help you fashion your posts better. 

Thus, take the lead on your competitors and find unique content ideas for famous search terms. If you’re wondering how to do it, there are free and paid tools that can help you with that, such as this detailed guide on keyword research.  

3. Prepare Comprehensive And Beneficial Content

The most important thing users search for is quality content. It could come in the form of a comprehensive article on a specific topic that describes all the details. One popular type of article that carries such beneficial content is the pillar article, which is basically a tutorial-style article. 

Here are useful tips to guide you when creating pillar articles for your blog:

  • A pillar article should be an informative article (e.g., a guide, tutorial, opinion piece, or a comparison article).  
  • The difference between pillar articles and other articles is that pillar articles provide more details and present an in-depth explanation.
  • Pillar articles don’t lose usefulness with time; they can always be helpful to the audience since the information isn’t era-specific.

4. Present Readable Content

As mentioned, having pillar articles is a better way to capture your audience’s attention. But there is a catch: humans have a short attention span. If they find the content difficult to read, they’ll stop caring about it, resulting in missing the facts and useful information. Therefore, content should always be easy to read. 

Some of the best tips to make readable content are the following: 

  • Paragraphs and sentences should be short and to the point. 
  • Improve readability by using clearer, large-sized fonts, and having more spacing between the lines. 
  • Use online readability checkers that scores the clearness of your content.
  • Using grammar checker apps point out the grammatical errors in the content.  
  • Add more visuals like pictures, videos, screenshots, and others. Visual elements make the blog good to look at, making it highly engaging as a result.

5. Incorporate Links

When using other company’s content, product, or service, always link back to the page of the company. Google and other search engines prefer seeing outbound links on your blog. Plus, the company that you linked to in your blog post may also notice it and make contact for business networking purposes. Readers prefer to be given content aggregated links, which make it easier for them to search what they are looking for. 


There are indeed many ways to attract more readers to your blog. Using better keywords, writing according to your target audience’s needs, and having good readability should be the priority to tap all sorts of potential readers. Continually improving one’s blogging methods could also be done through reading advanced digital marketing blog posts to research on the latest trends. When combined, all of these strategies could indeed lead to more traffic to your blog.

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