22 Delightful Ways To Find Inspiration For Writing That Next Blog Post


We all have those days when writing that next blog post is the last thing we feel like doing. Coming up with fresh ideas, creating breathtaking images to impress readers, and finishing an excellent piece sometimes feels nearly as a burden.

On top of that, you have to do it daily. It is one thing when you are writing just for fun. But, what if this is a source of your income and you have to get somehow inspired to get an article or two finished at the end of the day?

If this sounds familiar to you, then this list of things that are likely to bring the inspiration back into your writing is exactly what you need. 


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22 Delightful Ways To Find Inspiration For Writing That Next Blog Post

1. Grab a pen.

Start writing in a notebook just like in the good old days. Remember when we were kids and had to do our homework with regular pen in a textbook? That was so much fun. So, give it a try to see how it goes!

2. Turn on your favorite music.

Working in silence is perfect. However, sometimes we need to have our favorite tunes playing in the background to feel the rhythm and catch the spirit. It might be what you are missing at the moment.

3. Meditate.

This method has a mind-blowing effect. All you need to do is to relax, go to your happy place and sit there in silence for some time. De-clutter your mind to make room for new thoughts and ideas to come.

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4. Read a book.

Opt for a book by your favorite author, the one that makes your heart beat. Just twenty minutes with a book like that can be sensational. Give it a try, relax and dive into the world of the main characters. The surprising outcome of this choice is that you will find yourself rested and ready to make the most of the writing.

5. Visit a favorite blog.

We all need to have someone we can strive to be like. So, when you are out of ideas, check out the latest posts by someone you admire. See if there is anything you can use in your practice as well.

6. Search the web.

The search engine will do their magic for you. Think of a keyword to start with, and they will do the rest for you.

7. Watch a TED talk.

There are tons of eye-opening speeches there. If you feel stuck in the middle of the writing process, go to their website and see if there is anything you find useful and encouraging.

8. Join a writing community.

You can find these communities on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Artists often share useful information there. And they will understand you much better than anyone else.

9. Do physical exercises.

Such training helps you switch the focus from what you used to do. Moreover, physical activity makes your brain function better.

10. Go for a bike ride.

Not a long one, though. You still have work to do. But just half an hour won’t ruin your plans and will give you strength and the spirit back.

11. Start with an uplifting topic.

Knowing that you have to deal with an incredibly dull topic at first can kill your motivation. So, start with something you enjoy writing about and then proceed to all the tedious tasks. Take it easy and do not force yourself into “slavery” of writing.

12. Go to your favorite café.

With all the modern technologies we have today, you can easily work anywhere you like. So, why don’t go to a place you enjoy being at, order your favorite coffee and work there.

13. Write in a diary.

You might be worried about something or exhausted over a particular situation in your life. Whatever it is that blocks your thoughts, you need to get it out of your head. So, take your diary and write everything down. You need to free your mind. Plus, once you see these thoughts on paper, you might come up with an idea of how to solve it.

14. Get some sleep.

Again, the problem might be that you are not rested. Do not pose a hero: you will not be able to outdo yourself and stick to a long list of plans for a day unless you had enough sleep. Thirty minutes of sleep won’t hurt anyone, but they can boost your creativity.

15. Call a friend.

Our close ones can always reassure us. We need their help and support, and especially on days like these. Therefore, even if he cannot give you professional advice, there is always a secret magic trick your friend can do to cheer you up.

16. Eat something you like.

Order Chinese food or to the nearest coffee shop to get a hot cocoa. Bake something or see if there are any sweets left in the cabinet. You know what you like the most, so give yourself a delicious treat.

17. Do what makes you happy.

You might water your plants and polish their leaves or go to forest to make some photos, or even play with your pet. If there is anything that can lift your spirits, go for it.

18. Do something with your hands.

Make a beautiful card for an upcoming friend’s Birthday, or paint something on a wall. Unleashing your creativity is always an excellent idea.

19. Check out the latest magazine covers.

Not all of them are truly meaningful, but professional pictures and stunning images can give you something to think about.

20. Go through a photo album.

Photo albums will bring back those wonderful memories you captured, and this can be your daily dose of inspiration.

21. Have a look at quotes from famous people.

You can filter them by topic and see if there is anything to apply to a piece you’re writing.

22. Just do it.

Sometimes you need to start working, and the inspiration will eventually come. SO, don’t waste your time and do what you have to do.

Author Bio

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post from Jake Lester. With a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake currently writes for the educational blogging project LWW. Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advice for entrepreneurs, students, and educators. He likes to cover stories in writing, productivity, and education. Contact him @jakelesterhere.

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