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When trying to promote your new blog, one of the first things you want to do is to get your blog listed on the best website and blog directories.

Blog directories categorize your blog based on what your content is about. Usually, the best blog directories are human-edited, meaning that each submitted blog is reviewed by a person who decides whether the blog belongs in the catalog or not. Because the blogs are manually reviewed, these directories are considered a lot more reputable than non-human edited directories. 

Not only do blog directories help get your blog to people who are interested in the topic you write about, but they also provide strong backlinks and can help your posts get ranked in search engines.

Let’s face it… You can never have too much publicity for your blog or business. Some people make the fatal mistake of creating a blog and publishing content but never doing any promotion whatsoever. While that can work over the long-term if enough of your content gets into the search engines, it certainly isn’t the quickest or most efficient route to getting your information into the right hands.

You need to take proactive steps in order to get your blog noticed in the right places.

It’s straightforward to register your new blog with the top website and blog directories. We’re merely talking about filling out forms on specific sites so that you can start to get noticed. This is not one of the more productive ways of marketing that we will talk about later, but it is vital in the overall marketing plan of your website.

10 Blog Directories Actually Worth Your Time

(Please note that some of these directories require payment or a banner/badge on your blog that links back to them.)

#1 Bloggeries

Bloggeries is one of the oldest blog directories on the web, categorizing quality blogs since 2005. Before Facebook, it also had one of the largest blog forums in the world. Today, it’s still one of the stronger and more respected blog directories online.

#2 Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is the leading destination for readers to discover and consume fashion & lifestyle content by their favorite bloggers on the web, mobile, and via email. If you have a lifestyle blog, you’ll want to make sure that you submit to this one.

#3 Blog Catalog

Another influential blog directory site is called BlogCatalog. Again, it is straightforward for you to go ahead and list your site here as just one more way of drawing in more visitors and attention. If you go to Google and put in the term “blog directories,” you will find hundreds of different sites where you can fill out a form and have your site listed. Again, don’t expect a massive influx of traffic as soon as you do this, but it is still a great way to get more publicity of your site over time.

Blog Catalog listings are free unless you are submitting a business blog in some select industries, including SEO agencies and wedding photographers, etc. There are a lot of paid options that are supposed to help boost your blog, but they are not necessary. Approval usually takes a few days, and there is a somewhat active community of bloggers on the website.

#4 Best Of The Web

Initially published in 1994, Best of the Web was one of the earliest, if not the first, online awards websites. The goal was to show sites of quality, versatility, and power. These websites were nominated and voted on by the Webbers, who have experienced internet users. Eventually, Best of the Web pivoted into a full directory, and Webbers turned into Editors, who still, to this day, curate the Best of the Web directory to ensure a high level of quality.

#5 Blogarama

Blogarama is one of the oldest human-moderated blog directories with millions of visitors every month. It’s free to submit your blog, and you’ll get free promotion of each of your posts. They also offer Premium and Business packages for a fee.

#6 Yelp For Business

Love it or hate it. Review Sites are the NEW business directories. Yelp for Business Owners behaves similar to a social media account, You can add images, communicate with your customers, and buy ads to grow your business.

The free option l
ets you “claim” your business. But, there are also paid subscriptions providing advertisements and high-quality video support. Yelp for Business Owners might be just the thing you have been looking for to give your business a boost.

#7 Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps small businesses create and manage their Google listings, which appear when customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps. It supports local business owners to attract new customers and share information about what makes them unique.

#8 About Us

About Us is a free to use website where anyone can add information about almost anything. Initially intended for domain names and the businesses running them, they are now allowing people to add, modify, or delete content in collaboration with others. It uses a markup language called Wiki Markup. Although a bit confusing at first, it allows users to build structured pages without the need to know HTML – collaboratively.

#9 Jayde

Jayde is both a B2B search engine and directory and has been around since 1996. If your blog is part of a business site, considering listing it for free on Jayde. They have many categories and also use a unique search algorithm they call ClickRelevance, which pushes search results to the top based on user interaction. Keep in mind that your business site has to have its own domain to get listed.

#10 OnTopList

Ontoplist is another free, human-edited directory, but this one comes with the addition of their own analytics. Due to the high number of submissions, it can take a few weeks to get your site listed. This can be expedited with a PayPal payment or by putting a graphical badge linking back to Ontoplist on the blog homepage. For their analytics, a graphical ‘badge’ is required. The directory also ranks your site in its index based on its authority.

BONUS: Ping-O-Matic

Ping-O-Matic is an excellent little service that doesn’t list your website, but it does ping directories and aggregators, letting them know your blog has been updated. Once these websites and aggregators get that ping, they crawl and index your site. This service is excellent to get your website some natural, free exposure. If you are running WordPress, chances are good that your blog already does this whenever a new post is published. If you aren’t using an automated pinging system on your blog platform, it is straightforward to do it manually on the Ping-O-Matic website.

So what is the big deal about getting submitted to these blog directories?

One of the biggest reasons is because search engines often crawl these directories. These directories are structured such that the search engines like to regularly check for new content. Therefore, if you list your blog on a site, then you’re more likely to get continual attention from the search engines.

Another reason to get listed on blog directories is that some directories actually do see quite a bit of traffic. Many of them rank very high in the search engine results, so this can create a lot more clicks and exposure that you would not otherwise have access to.

A lot of these blog directories have a massive number of incoming links. Some of the blog directories will allow you to provide a reciprocal link. This means that many links are being generated regularly, which helps for popularity and placement in the search engines. These blog directories also make a lot of use of the RSS feed updates, which can allow for more individuals to subscribe to your specific blog feed.

You can’t bank on the fact that you’re going to get thousands of new visitors the next day just because you listed your site on a few blog directories, but any traffic that you do get is like icing on the cake because you wouldn’t have otherwise had it.

Are we missing a blog directory that you use and love? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Charles Karanja
1 year ago

Thanks for the list, I have added my website to some of those lists.

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