Why You Need Video Marketing On Your Blog

Video marketing is what Wall Street Journal has referred to as a platform that will be one of the “best performing formats for online marketing”. Other similar studies have only further supported this fact, stating that video marketing delivers almost three times higher the brand awareness and message association than any other method (such as Flash animation) and 100% more intent to purchase than non-rich media advertisements.

Basically, if you don’t have video marketing on your blog, you’re behind the times. This is particular important if you have a blog or a website that is trying to promote and sell a particular product. Why is it so important? We’ll explain…

Video Marketing Is Search Engine Optimized

Back in the day (meaning 2 years ago) people were a bit apprehensive about going into video marketing. Why? They didn’t think that it would have any bearing on their search engine results with Google, Bing and Yahoo! Though it may not have at the time, it certainly is proving to have an impact now. It has been found that online videos work extremely well with search engines. For example, those who already have something like a sales video online have experienced an increase in traffic. There is also a lot of evidence that is supporting the view of search engines moving away from text searches, and more towards online video. As a matter of fact, Forrester reported in January 2010 that having a video on your website that is properly optimized will increased one’s chances of having a front-page Google result by up to 53 times.

People Prefer Videos To Text Content

Citing Forrester Research once again, Dr James McQuivey stated that watching 1 minute of video is the equivalent to reading 1.8 million words. Given that most people don’t stay on a text only page for more than 10 seconds, you are able to get a message across a lot faster than something that is text only. Not only that, but people will watch videos a whole lot more than they read. So if you don’t have videos on your website or your blog, you’re missing out on a huge part of the target market.

Recently Accenture unveiled a study which revealed that 85% of Americans are all watching online content through their televisions, laptop, and smartphones. As a matter of fact, MediaPost recently reported that 1% of digital TV subscribers in the United States actually cancelled their subscriptions because they were getting their television fix on the internet. Though 1% may sound small, that’s over 300 million users in the United States alone switching over to their computers and smartphones from cable to be their course of information and entertainment.

Get In On YouTube

YouTube, a now Google owned company, is huge. We all know this. Say the name “YouTube” and virtually everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. You may be surprised, but only 30% of all of YouTube’s traffic comes from within the USA. What does this mean? That 70% of YouTube traffic is international. YouTube can potentially drive any business or product up from being local to being international.

Not fully convinced? Then about this AdAge stat: Out of the top 100 advertisers from 2010, it was found that 94 of them all had run ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. All of the top businesses on the internet have video marketing, so it’s important that you get in on the trend.

YouTube isn’t the only place where you can watch online videos either. Companies like VEVO and Microsoft and Facebook receive a lot of videos that all can be used for video marketing too.

Video Marketing Can Be Seen On Smartphones

Never underestimate the power of a smartphone. Mobile phones are definitely changing as well as shaping consumer behavior, and at a rate faster than anyone could imagine. The Microsoft Tag Mobile Marketing Report from this year estimated that by the year 2014, there will be more mobile internet users than desktop or laptop users. And don’t get even get us started on how many more mobile users there will be when compared to people who actually bother to turn on the television.

Another great benefit to having a video online for those who have smartphones is that 90% of smartphone searches all result in an action, meaning that they will actually buy something or that they are visiting a website for the purpose of purchasing or doing business. Well over 80% of smartphone users are using their phones to seek out information about local retailers, and 68% of those searches are for retailing information. Now imagine that you have a video marketing campaign that shows off the product, and/or your company/business. That could very well be what persuades a customer to purchase the product that you are featuring or trying to sell.

What does this mean? That video marketing will greatly increase your conversion rates. You will be finding less abandoned cart rates and you will be seeing a great increase in your sales, just because you have a video marketing campaign on your sites.

Why Do People Love Video Marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why people are drawn to products or companies that feature this kind of marketing. The number one reason why people like it is because it puts a face to the product or the blog. Putting a face to someone makes the product or the blogall the more credible, which then makes it all the more trustworthy. We all want to buy into products or buy from sources that we trust, and video marketing gives you the ability to do just that.

Video marketing is also great for products and businesses because it will actually show what the product or business is. For example, onlineshoes.com revealed that shoppers who viewed a video at their website saw a 45% higher conversation rate than those who did not watch the video.

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