Free Blog Hosting vs. Paid Blog Hosting


If you've never blogged before, you might not want to invest much money in the launch of your new site. Free blog hosting offers a risk-free way to create an online presence, but it also comes with several limitations. Before you decide between free and paid blog hosting, arm yourself with the … [Read more...]

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

BlogPress Training: Who are you as a blogger?

Whether you possess a talent for dressing up thrift store finds or you drool over every month's issue of "Vanity Fair," a fashion blog provides you with a creative outlet for your sartorial style. Provide photographic inspiration, detailed how-tos, or retail recommendations, follow these simple … [Read more...]

Understanding the Difference Between Your Blog Address and Your Domain Name


When you first establish a new blog, you must give it a name. While you can call your blog whatever you want, certain naming conventions apply to the web address that visitors type into the browser bar. Understanding the difference between your blog address and your domain name helps you develop a … [Read more...]