Understanding the Difference Between Your Blog Address and Your Domain Name


When you first establish a new blog, you must give it a name. While you can call your blog whatever you want, certain naming conventions apply to the web address that visitors type into the browser bar. Understanding the difference between your blog address and your domain name helps you develop a … [Read more...]

Why You Should Never Pay Month-To-Month for Blog Hosting

Blog hosting

When you buy a new car, your insurance agent gives you the option to either pay your premium in monthly installments or to cut your costs by paying for six months or longer in advance. BlogPress offers a similar money-saving opportunity, but many consumers fail to see the advantages. If you're … [Read more...]

What Exactly is a Blogger Anyway?


In the old days, books, magazines, and newspapers offered the only opportunities to publish your ideas - this was after the old, old days when you needed a hammer, a chisel, and a stone tablet. When blogs debuted on the Internet, however, they offered a new media outlet that fell under each … [Read more...]