How To Use Facebook Effectively To Build A Loyal Following


Facebook has now surpassed Google when it comes to the number of people using their respective sites. Obviously, this offers a great opportunity for business and website owners when it comes to promotion. If that is where our potential customers are, and where they may end up having a conversation about us or our industry, then that is where we want to be as well! Here are a few tips that, if followed, should build a loyal following for you or your brand in no time!

Be More Social Than Promotional

Facebook is primarily a social network, so for the most part, people are there to share and to chat and talk, not to be pitched to by companies and brands. If you are constantly bombarding your fans  with advertising messages, they are likely to unlike your page or to simply just ignore your messages and be annoyed by them.

The last thing you want to do is annoy your customer base, so make sure that you share a lot of helpful and interesting information. Maybe highlight news about your industry. Talk about different employees and customers (with their permission) to make it more personal. Interact with followers on your page.

You can still have some promotional posts; just try to keep them to a minimum and make sure that you are being more social than promotional.

Encourage Sharing And Conversation

Try to get your fans involved in the social networking process. Ask questions on your page for customers to answer. Poll them about new ideas and services that you have. Encourage them to share stories about their experience with you.

Asking customers to join in this conversation will not only help show your customers that you are interested in them, it will probably gain you more followers as well, as when they comment on different parts of your page, their friends may see it and choose to become a fan as well.

Offer Something For Free Or At A Discount For Liking You

Offer an incentive for potential fans to like your Facebook page. You can create a custom landing page that offers a coupon or discount code if people like the page. This is a great way to grow your fan base and gives you a higher likelihood that people who come and look at your fan page will actually “like” it.

Make sure you have something in place to make this work. You can get a custom landing page coded for you by a freelancer for a small fee these days, or you can buy a stock landing page to upload yourself. It will essentially “lock” your content until people like the page. Once they do, the coupon code or whatever you want to offer them will be revealed.

Use Facebook Ads Carefully And Wisely

Facebook ads are another easy way to grow your fan base. However, you have to be careful when spending money on Facebook ads. You can choose to get charged either by number of times your ad is shown or the number of clicks your ads get. If you monitor your ads on Facebook carefully, you are usually just fine. However, if you do not pay a lot of attention or do not set the budget on the back end carefully, then you could end up spending much more money than you ever planned.

You can get some help with this as well. There are freelancers and firms out there that will help manage your Facebook ads for you and will try to get the cheapest clicks you can for your money.

Another tip on Facebook ads – you probably do not want to use them until you have your page and your strategy for Facebook all up and running 100 percent. If you pay for ads that bring you fans, but you are not interacting with them yet, you will probably lose their attention very quickly and will have wasted your money and effort.

Interact Off Your Page

You can now interact as your brand with fans and on other pages on Facebook. This is a great way to spark conversation and get more eyes on your page. When on your Facebook page, there is an option that allows you to switch to a mode in which any comments you make on any page on Facebook will be done as your brand and not as your personal profile.

You can use this to go to related pages or pages about your overall industry to comment about the latest information out there. Your comment will show up with your brand’s username, and may get some clicks back to your page.

Make Good Use Of Media And Images

A good use of pictures and video can help build your fan base and keep them coming back as well. Facebook pages allow you some flexibility in what your profile picture looks like. Have a nice picture designed by someone who understands the dimensions of a fan page profile picture, and make it something that catches the eye.

In addition upload pictures of your staff and videos of your business at work if applicable. This is just another way to build a closer connection with your fans and make the page, and your brand, feel more personal.

Make Your Facebook Page Easy To Find

If you have a fan page, make it easy for customers to find when they are on your main website. Have a prominent “Like us on Facebook” tab somewhere on the site. This gives customers who want to know more about you or be more connected to you a chance to do just that without having to look too hard.

If you will follow these simple guidelines, your brand will look like they are social media masters, and you will likely end up making more sales in the long run as a result of this deeper connection. You will also probably be leaps and bounds above your competition when it comes to Facebook!

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