8 Smart Twitter Tips To Promote Your Blog

Twitter this, Twitter that. Everything these days seems to be happening on Twitter, and you need to jump in on that to promote your blog.

Been doing it already but haven’t been getting a good response? Then you’re doing it wrong. “Tweeting” is a whole lot different than writing out a well thought out piece that you post to your blog. You have 140 characters or less to get out a quick message to the world, a message that you are praying will not only be clear and get the point across, but that you are also hoping will get retweeted across the “Twitt-o-verse”.

Here are some of the best tips that you may or may not already be using that will help promote your blog on Twitter better than ever before.

1.Create Your Profile

This one is obvious, but so many people don’t even bother doing it. You create a Twitter account, then you fill out the profile. Populate it, put as much information as possible so that your followers will know who you are. This means putting your URL in there so that people can follow the link back to your site. Upload a picture. It can be your happy face, or your logo, whatever. Just let people know that you’re open for business. Don’t look generic though.

2. Don’t Spam Your Followers

Sometimes less is more. You want to be a good curator. You want to post stuff that actually matters. It doesn’t necessarily mean just post once per day, but use your judgment. It’s like speaking. You don’t want to babble.

3. Separate Business And Personal Tweets

Now we understand that your Twitter profile needs a personality. You’re welcome to stick to that personality, but if you’re a business, you want to separate your personal feed from your business feed. Your friends don’t care about all of your business stuff. Vice versa, your business followers might not care about all of your personal rants.

There can be exceptions. For example if you’re a brand like Martha Stewart, or Dan and Jennifer, your personal like of cross into your business, because your personal musing is your business. But unless you’re your own brand, keep them separate. Just have two accounts, one for each desired purpose.

4. Add Value

This is really important and gets back to the basics. Provide good useful stuff. Add comments, analysis, quips on current events, or things that’re currently going on. Or include deals and coupons that will be useful to your followers. Add your own take, but remember to be positive, no whining or bitchin!

The only exception is if your niche is negative, for example, “Something Stupid That My Dad Says,” where it’s actually entertaining. Otherwise stay upbeat, and put a lid on any negativity.

5. Watch Your Tweet’s Character Length

Having 140 characters may seem small, but in order to be an effective tweeter, you have to keep it even shorter than that. Why? Because if you want to get retweeted (which you definitely do), a follower would have to then edit your post in order to edit it. If your posts are hard to edit, do you really think a follower will bother to do it?

People are lazy. If you want to be retweeted, then you have to make it as easy as possible to have this happen. The best and most surefire way to leave enough space in your tweet so that you will be retweeted is to make your comment 125 characters or less (and remember, spaces count as characters too). That way anyone can easily retweet your message with a simple click of a mouse.

6. Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Now what you have to avoid having happen is having your Tweet come across as sounding like, “Hey! Hey you! You need this, so uhh… click here!” That’s going to get you nowhere. But if you have unraveled some secret mystery, or discovered something that [insert name of hot new celebrity] is doing that has not yet been revealed to the public, then that will get you responses.

Making actual offers is great, too. Free vacations are always a winner, but most of us bloggers don’t really have that sort of a giveaway on hand. Offer things that you have noticed on the web that may be related to your niche. Say, for example, you know of a great deal online for 16GB memory sticks. Write up a quick blog post about it that gives your readers the scoop on this great deal. Then write up an enticing tweet about it and provide a link back to your blog post about it. Your blog post can then have the link to the offer itself, but people had to go through your blog to get to it.

7. Leave 2-5 Posts A Day

Leaving a post a day for your blog isn’t going to get you anywhere. People are getting a constant feed of new tweets every single minute, so you want to make sure that you actually get seen every once in a while. The ideal amount of messages to post in a day is 2 to 5 different posts. They don’t all have to be related to your business or niche, but they should mostly, if not all, take people back to a page on your blog that may have a funny video, a photo that’s gone viral, or information about something that is of interest (universally funny things or political blunders are generally well accepted).

8. Take Advantage Of Twitter Apps

You do NOT have to stay sitting at your computer all day. You can use a number of different Twitter apps that are out there to make your job all the more easy. There are tools out there that will actively seek out followers and people to follow for you. There are tools out there that you can pre-program to actually post tweets for you, even if you aren’t at your computer.

There are tools out there that will allow you to control and maintain a number of your social media sites all at once and on one screen. Don’t waste a lot of time tinkering around on social media sites like Twitter. Get the apps to do it for you.

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